El Perro Del Mar will release her new album, KoKoro, later this year via The Control Group. That will be her first since 2012's Pale Fire. She's just shared single "Breadandbutter" which was inspired by Eastern music, which she listened to a lot while making the new LP. The video was directed by El Perro Del Mar and Nicole Walker and you can watch that below.

Meanwhile, she's also got a new video for "In the Woods," a song that dates back to her first album. She explains:

To my surprise, one day I was sent one of the most heartachingly beautiful videos I've ever seen set to “In The Woods,” one of those old songs. The extraordinary talented filmmaker Connor Hurley's epic take on my song "In The Woods" not only is a piece of art in itself, it also manages to tie together a then and now - the idea of the innocent past with the more experienced and corrupt now.”

You can watch that below as well.


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