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Ela Orleans


"Poland-born New York-based Ela Orleans has released a tape album called "NEO PI-R" via Clandestine Records on May 1st. She has collaborated with several members of Jackie-O Motherfucker among others. The music is hard to define, let's be lazy, somewhere between Dirty Beaches' 'minimalist rockabilly' and chillwave but still neither of anything like this or that, or imagine some alien influenced by some earthling pop music, or something not exactly like that. Whatever, watch the last video for "Apparatus" below, and the one before that, "Walkingman", further below."

Ela Orleans is also releasing a 12" split LP with Dirty Beaches (who she is compared to above) called Double Feature. It will be co-released by La Station Radar + Atelier Ciseaux and Night People in June. The song "I Know" from that release is the third video you can watch below. Ela is also releasing a solo 12" LP called Mars is Heaven in Septmeber via La Station Radar + Atelier Ciseaux.

Ela Orleans performs live at Death By Audio in Brooklyn tonight (5/19) with Alaskas. Flyer and more info below. A year-old live video from a show in Canada, can also be watched down there. Ela performs again on May 26th along with a Rooftop Film.

Dirty Beaches was just in town last week as part of a tour that brings him to Schubas in Chicago tonight. Check out a cool video from his 5/13 show at Glasslands, at the very end of this post...


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Thursday May 19th
Doors at 8pm, Show at 9pm.

Death By Audio
49 S 2nd St
(between Kent and Wythe)
Brooklyn NY

ela orleans "apparatus"

ela orleans "walkingman"

Ela Orleans - I know

Ela Orleans - Myriads (live)

ela orleans & idiot glee "baby it's cold outside"

Dirty Beaches///Lord Knows Best///Glasslands, BK 13.05.11

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