UK band Electrelane went on indefinite hiatus up not long after 2007's No Shouts, No Calls, then got back together in 2011/2012 to play a few European, Australian and New Zealand festivals. Recently, though, Electrelane have been active again on their social media accounts, sharing full video of their performance at French festival La Route Du Rock. Sunday, the band's Verity Susman, Emma Gaze, Mia Clarke and Ros Murray all participated in a fun Facebook Live chat where they talked about a variety of subjects and answered fan questions.

One question was why they started being active on Facebook again and might there be a possibility of new music in the future. "We just really reconnected over the last couple of weeks," said guitarist Mia Clarke who lives in Chicago these days. "We've all had quite a nice rest," added drummer Emma Gaze. "It's quite an intense relationship being in a touring band. Everyone wanted to do their own things but it's been nice to just organically come back together." As for plans of new music, bassist Ros Murray grinned, saying "Maybe" with the rest of the group nodding in agreement. "We don't have active plans," said Mia, "but we are talking about it, and would like to." On the subject of touring again, singer/guitarist/keyboardist Verity Susman said, "Aside from the fact that we only just reconnected a week ago, with the coronavirus, everything is just so unknown about when anything will can't really make any plans anymore."

The Facebook live session ended with Verity playing "Birds" from 2004's The Power Out. You can rewatch the whole thing, along with a stream of 2005's Axes (which the band said is their favorite album), below.