During the early days of the pandemic, Electrelane' reunited virtually for a chat between its four members Verity Susman, Emma Gaze, Mia Clarke and Ros Murray. When asked if they would consider making new music, Ros said "Maybe" with the rest of the band nodding in agreement. A year later and that "maybe" has turned into a definitely "yes," as the band announced today that they're working on their first new music since 2007's No Shouts No Calls.

On their socials, Electrelane shared a photo of Verity, Mia and Ros together, writing, "3/4 Electrelane writing new music in Mia's living room this afternoon. It was our first time writing new songs together in 15 YEARS! On teeny-tiny amps and a baby keyboard." The band note that drummer Emma Gaze is in California currently. "We’re going to find creative ways to write long-distance and around our families and jobs," saying finally, "Playing together again feels really, really good."

That's all the news so far but Electrelane say "We’ll keep you all updated as things progress— thank you to everyone for your support." Stay tuned.

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