OHM Resistance, the prolific record label behind some of some of the most magnificent, unique, challenging, ear-shattering, bowel-loosening, confrontational, troubling, and mood-altering sounds ever recorded, will return to Brooklyn on Thursday December 14 at Sunnyvale where they will take over the venue with an unbelievable roster of artists.

The OHM Resistance Showcase will present those brave enough to attend sets by Ariadne, NLIC, You Will Choose Fire, Compactor, and the great end.user before culminating in a set for the ages by Resistance Squadron, an electronic improv super-group featuring end.user on machines and synthesizers, KJ Sawka on drums, Submerged (Kurt Gluck) on bass, Darryl Hell on turntables, and Breaker on machines. Mind-blowing visuals will be curated and created by Rob Cerrato. This festival of punishing, sinister, abrasive, and preposterously loud drum and bass, noise, breakcore, and sonic experimentation will liquify tympanic membranes. It's gonna be great. Tickets are currently available. More about the bands below!


As with the OHM Resistance Showcase I caught back in 2014, OHM1214 presents attendees with a visionary snapshot of the state of some of music's most subversive sub-genres. For starters, the entire evening will be DJ'd by NLIC. Part of the New Orleans based production duo "Velos & NLIC", NLIC is A&R and partner of end.user for SonicTerror Recordings. His DJ sets bear the full arsenal of SonicTerror’s artists, spanning drum and bass, Breakcore, Industrial, half-time, as well as a host of tunes that are not able to be categorized by current genres. With recent and upcoming releases for the duo on Ohm Resistance, Elm Imprint, Black Inferno Records, and SonicTerror you can be assured his set will be full of unique stylings.

Photo by Pas Musique

Opener Ariadne is an experimental sacred music and new media art duo from Brooklyn who explores the intersection of mysticism, dream analysis, and the failure of digital systems through a synthesis of performance, digital and interactive art, poetry, and dramatic experience. Articulated through anything from real-time 3D animation to custom modified hardware and software, their performances are just as much a visual experience as they are an aural experience. They are the perfect act to set the tone for an evening that will only intensify as the line-up progresses.

Ariadne will be followed by Pacific Northwest duo You Will Choose Fire who will officially begin to elevate the aural stank with their insane combination of shoe-gazey guitars and brutal rhythm section which are artfully melded together through a shared love drum and bass. You Will Choose Fire is the brainchild of Submerged and nem0 (Lacey Wood) wherein Submerged delivers a crushing live bass while while nem0 rounds out the sound with smoky vocals and an illusory ambient guitar blanket. The foundation of energy in their music represents their shared desire for a better existence for all. It's a real treat to have them all the way on the East Coast, and it's a set not to be missed.

After You Will Chose Fire's set, prepare for the evening to take a darker, more sinister turn as New York based Compactor takes the stage with what I can guarantee will be a punishing, nefarious, and abrasive sonic barrage. Compactor is an interconnected set of mostly obsolete machinery that is manipulated by an anonymous worker under orders from the Waste MGT Corporation. Fragments of Industrial, Noise, Hardcore Techno, Glitch, and others are crushed into soundtracks to the daily grind and the landscape of waste we live and work in. Each live shift is different from the others, though some sounds may be recycled. 

Next up is a huge reason my hairy dingus will be in attendance; the mighty end.user. end.user is the recording alias of Lynn Standafer, an American electronic music producer who creates aggressive breakcore influenced by ’90s drum and bass labels like Metalheadz, as well as industrial groups like Skinny Puppy and Godflesh. end.user is also heavily informed by golden-age hip-hop MCs such as KRS-One and dancehall reggae deejays like Cutty Ranks. The man is an absolute powerhouse capable of inciting bouts of dancing, raging, and slamming in equal measure. His ability to transition and incorporate his disparate influences is a sight and sound to behold. Do yourself and lose yourself in his bandcamp page for a while.

Closing out the evening will be collaboration for the ages as Resistance Squadron will assemble and deliver a fierce, furious, loud and utterly brutal volcano of audio that will no doubt scorch the skin and evaporate sanity. I literally have no idea what to expect from this except for what my pea brain can piece together based on my knowledge of each artist individually. Either way, I love surprises and know it's gonna be bonkers.

Get a taste of the OHM1214 artists below