Last fall, before a pandemic took the world into a concert-less state, London's Elephant Tree, Stockholm's Domkraft, Melbourne's Horsehunter, and Boston's Summoner came to Brooklyn to play Magnetic Eye Records' label showcase and live album project Day Of Doom. As the name of the showcase implied, all four of those bands recorded live albums that night, and they all come out December 11 via Magnetic Eye, including a 4CD hardcover art book option with all four albums together (pre-order).

We're premiering the first taste of Elephant Tree's album, "Dawn," which originally appeared on their self-titled 2016 album. "'Dawn' was a real change for us when we first started to write it,' drummer Sam Hart tells us. "We had noticed a lot of our older tracks were a bit bleak, and Pete just started playing this bouncy riff to lift the mood a bit. From there it just started to become a bit of a feel good pick-me-up. Playing it live is always great fun as it's nice and floaty so the crowd always seems to love it, especially after a few jars. It really hasn't changed much from the studio version though, which also took a few trips to the pub before we could get that right feeling. It's only really ever been played with a live mindset which is what makes it so good to play for people."

It's a great recording, as big and clear and heavy sounding as you'd hope, and it really does a fine job of showing that Elephant Tree are not your average doom band. They take cues from OGs like Sabbath, but they know how to make it their own and make it feel fresh. Listen below.

Elephant Tree also released a new album earlier this year, Habits, and you can stream that below too.

Elephant Tree - Day of Doom Live Tracklist
1 Aphotic Blues (live)
2 Dawn (live)
3 Wither (live)
4 Surma (live)
5 In Suffering (live)
6 Attack of the Altaica (live)
7 Circles (live in-studio)


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