Exciting news in the emo world today: Louisville vets Elliott are back! Having broken up in 2003, they've just announced their first show in nearly 20 years: Furnace Fest 2022. (They also played the 2002 edition of that same fest.) That's the only date announced so far, but here's to hoping more are on the way.

Elliott formed in 1995 after the demise of vocalist Chris Higdon, bassist Jonathan Mobley (also of By the Grace of God), and drummer Ben Lord's previous band Falling Forward, and the lineup eventually included former members of Endpoint and more. In more recent years, Chris Higdon fronted the newer band Frontier(s).

Elliott's run included three albums for Revelation Records, including 1998's U.S. Songs and 2000's False Cathedrals, both of which left a massive impact on the emo boom that ensued in the early 2000s. They released one more album before breaking up (2003's Song in the Air), as well as a handful of EPs, splits, and singles, and the 2005 post-breakup live album Photorecording. 2013 also saw the release of the Songs in a Transit Wind compilation, which collected songs from various 7"s.

In 2015, Falling Forward launched a Facebook, sparking rumors about some kind of comeback, but so far nothing ever came of it.

See the full first wave of bands announced for Furnace Fest here.


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