elysian Fields

Venerable NYC band Elysian Fields have announced a string of 20th anniversary shows happening in NYC in October and November. All but one of the shows will take place at new Prospect-Lefferts Gardens venue The Owl, which was opened by the band's Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles, with the other show happening at Le Poisson Rouge. The band will play a different albums in full at each show, covering their entire catalogue.

The first two Elysian Fields shows at The Owl (where they'll be playing their S/T EP & Bleed Your Cedar, and Queen of the Meadow respectively) will go down at October 29 and 31. Then they'll take a week off before hitting Le Poisson Rouge on November 7 to play Bum Raps and Love Taps. They'll return to The Owl for shows on November 12, 14, 19 and 21, which will take them through the rest of their albums (Dreams That Breathe Your Name, The Afterlife, Last Night on Earth, and For House Cats and Sea Fans, for the completists). Tickets for all seven 20th anniversary shows are on sale now and details for all the shows, plus a few music videos, are below.

Elysian Fields are also working on a new record that will hopefully be out in 2016.


elysian Fields

Elysian Fields -- 20th Anniversary Shows
October 29th @ The Owl - playing the Elysian Fields EP and Bleed Your Cedar (1996)
October 31st @ The Owl - playing Queen Of The Meadow (2000)
November 7th @ Le Poisson Rouge - playing Bum Raps & Love Taps (2005)
November 12th @ The Owl - playing Dreams That Breathe Your Name (2004)
November 14th @ The Owl - playing The Afterlife (2009)
November 19th @ The Owl - playing Last Night on Earth (2011)
November 21st @ The Owl - playing For House Cats And Sea Fans (2014)

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