Emiliana Torrini In the six years since Emiliana Torrini released her last album Love In The Time Of Science, she has kept herself busy by contributing to the soundtrack for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Gollum Song - and writing a number one hit for Kylie Minogue, Slow (which by the way was up for a grammy).

This enchanting new album does, however, find the half-Icelandic, half-Italian singer abandon any commercial pop considerations for a far more intimate and personal agenda. Fisherman's Woman is a delicately understated record that gently disarms the listener as she whispers her sweet serenades like a siren drawing sailors to the rocks -ic wales

You might also know Emiliana from her work with Thievery Corporation.

Emiliana Torrini has one of those highly individual, quirky voices that provoke strong reactions in the listener. Some might find her ever so affected and fey, but a closer listen unveils hidden depths in her lightly accented voice. The half Italian, half Icelandic singer specialises in simple melodic songs and lightly poetic lyrics. - Phonology

You can't get Emiliana's new CD in the states yet, but it is available as an import from Amazon, OR you can download it from iTunes.

Download one track here, and some clips and video here.

She is about to start a headlining tour of Europe in support of the album (I'm not familiar with all the venues, but in Berlin it's the same one Queens of the Stone Age and Adam Green are playing in...aka big). Before she does, New Yorkers have one chance to see her.... IN A BOOKSTORE, and FOR A GOOD CAUSE, and WITH Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing and WITH Damon and Naomi:

Friday, February 18 at 7:30PM, Housing Works Used Book Cafe. Get your tickets HERE (quick).

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