In addition to contributing to Broken Social Scene's new album Hug of Thunder and playing some shows with them, Metric singer Emily Haines released her first Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton album since her 2006 debut, Choir of the Mind, this year. She's on tour now in support of it with a backing band made up of fellow Broken Social Scene members Justin Peroff, Sam Goldberg Jr, and Jimmy Shaw (the latter of whom is also in Metric with Emily). The tour hit Brooklyn's Murmrr Theatre last night (11/30), billed as "an evening with," aka no opener. The whole show was super unique, staged almost more like performance art than a concert. She began the show by walking out on stage holding a suitcase, opening it, putting on a nightgown, and pretending to go to sleep. In between songs, a voice would speak over the venue's sound system, instructing and critiquing Emily. Pictures of the night are in the gallery above.


photos by Em Grey

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