Dark folk singer Emily Jane White is set to follow 2016's great They Moved In Shadow All Together with a new album, Immanent Fire, on November 15 via Talitres. According to a press release, on this album, Emily "honors the sacred, the earthly, and all that is deemed feminine, even as these very elements are threatened with the violence of contemporary systems of power: patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism together conspire to ravage and to exploit natural world and its sacred beings, to subordinate women and other gendered people--the vanquishing of both the feminine and nature in and of itself."

Emily co-produced it with Anton Patzner, who also engineered and arranged the songs, and the first taste is lead single "Light." It's as atmospheric and haunting as you'd expect from Emily Jane White, and the stunning musical backdrop is matched by a real depth in Emily's lyrics. She explains, "In the midst of deep exploitation of the earth, and the hyperdominance of technological communication that severs people from their surroundings, I wrote this song yearning for a connection to the natural world. In that connection lies the fact that all things earthly, all things living, have inherent value simply because they exist. It is in our bond to nature that I find the revaluation of the feminine, the receptive, the vulnerable, and the emotional, all things our current culture seeks to destroy. In this connection, we catch a glimpse of something eternal, beyond our comprehension or control." Listen below.

Emily is also touring Europe in December. No word on US dates at the moment, but let's hope she tours here again soon too. All dates are listed, with the album artwork and tracklist, below.

Emily Jane White Immanent Fire

1. Surrender
2. Drowned
3. Infernal
4. Washed Away
5. Metamorphosis
6. Dew
7. Shroud
8. Entity
9. Light
10. The Gates at the End

Emily Jane White -- 2019 Tour Dates
DEC 3 TUE The Cacaofabriek Helmond, Netherlands
DEC 4 WED Savelbergmuseum Heerlen, Netherlands
DEC 5 THU Le Botanique Bruxelles, Belgium
DEC 7 SAT Laboratorium Stuttgart, Germany
DEC 8 SUN Hafen 2 Offenbach Am Main, Germany
DEC 9 MON Milla München, Germany
DEC 10 TUE Cafe Mokka Thun, Switzerland
DEC 11 WED Le Grand Mix Tourcoing, France
DEC 12 THU Les Étoiles Paris, France
DEC 13 FRI Luxor Live Arnhem, Netherlands
DEC 14 SAT Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, Netherlands
DEC 15 SUN Patronaat Haarlem, Netherlands
DEC 16 MON Vera Groningen, Netherlands

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