Emma Ruth Rundle has announced new album Electric Guitar Two: Dowsing Voice, which will be released May 13 via Sargent House. It's a quasi sequel to 2011's EG1 and she says it's "album of improvised music - with an emphasis on rediscovering the vocal - by way of intuiting unseen beings and goddess forms underground, and in the water, and in the waves and the wind, and rain, and welling up from the wells... all in Wales - where I was in the winter Jan/Feb 2020."

"It’s been weird to sit on this for over 2 years," she adds. "I will say this edition is sort of to do with magic and myth ‍♀️ and it’s fun to go imagination time. Come imagination time with me. Or don’t. She is blood of birthing, not of murderous violence. Btw it’s all metaphorical- I don’t actually have a baby."

Emma also notes, "this is my weird art project. It’s different, and not for everyone. There aren’t traditional songs really… and it’s not quite the same as EG1. there’s more vocalizing- (singing but without ‘lyrics’ - throat singing - screaming - made up language). It’s still a sequel though - I believe the heart of the series lies in the improvisational nature of the music... I’ll be sharing more about the artwork here in coming weeks."

You can get a taste of EG2 with the eerie, disquieting "Imbolc Dawn Atop Ynys Wydryn. Ice Melts as The First Resplendent Rays of Spring Pour Over The Horizon." Listen to that and check out the cover art and tracklist below.

The album is a limited vinyl pressing and will only stream on Bandcamp because "it didn’t make sense to mix it with the rest of my catalog on other dsps." Emma also made a 140 page book of visual art "to augment the sonic journey" that is limited to 350 copies worldwide. Check out a few pages from that below. Preorders for the vinyl editions and book are up now.

Emma also just released the Orpheus Looking Back EP.

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EG2: Dowsing Voice:
1. Intro to the Underpool: The Path, The Gate, The Field, The Well
2. Keening into Ffynnon Llanllawer
3. In the Cave of The Cailleach's Death-Birth
4. Gathering around Pair Dadeni
5. Brigid Wakes To Find Her Voice Anew. The Little Flowers and Birds Show Themselves
6. Imbolc Dawn Atop Ynys Wydryn. Ice Melts as The First Resplendent Rays of Spring Pour Over The Horizon. 06:17
7. The Tempest on Trefasser
8. Don Danann Dana Danu Ana
9. Standing Stones Singing / Cellphone Towers Ringing Up To The Darkening Sky
10. In Sadness For Our Dying World (here come the Christians)

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