West Coast emo vets Knapsack are reissuing all three of their classic albums on Spartan Records with bonus tracks, and we've got exclusive vinyl variants of each one. 1995's Silver Sweepstakes comes on purple vinyl with the bonus track "Don't Mind," 1997's Day Three of My New Life comes on swamp green vinyl with the bonus track "Drop Kick," and 1998's This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now comes on baby blue vinyl with the bonus track "Less Than." All three are limited to 300, so pre-order yours while they last!

Knapsack formed in 1993, and the following year they signed to Alias Records, the Kentucky indie rock label that was also home to releases by Archers of Loaf, American Music Club, Yo La Tengo, and more, who went on to release all three of their albums. For their final album, Samiam's Sergie Loobkoff joined on guitar. With the energy of punk, the sentimental lyricism of emo, and the addictive melodies of power pop, Knapsack directly paved the way for the emo boom of the early 2000s, and their impact outlasted that era, influencing several of the indie rock-friendly emo bands of the 2010s as well. After Knapsack's breakup, vocalist Blair Shehan formed The Jealous Sound, who existed on and off throughout the 2000s, until Knapsack reunited in the mid 2010s for some genuinely awesome reunion shows. After The Jealous Sound's official breakup in 2017, Blair and Sergie Loobkoff reunited again in the new band Racquet Club, who have also since broken up. No word on any future live shows from any of Blair's bands, but we can dream.

Pick up the new Knapsack reissues HERE.


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