UK metalcore band Employed To Serve resurfaced in 2019 with a two-song single featuring "Party's Over" and a new version of "Harsh Truth," and now they've announced their fourth full-length album, Conquering, due September 17 via Spinefarm (pre-order). Vocalist Justine Jones says, "Conquering is about rising above adversity and self-doubt. We’re really excited to share our latest album, I feel it’s our best work to date. We wanted to go a more metal orientated direction with this album and see how far we could push our musical capabilities."

The album doesn't feature "Party's Over," but it does feature new single "Exist," which finds Employed To Serve sounding even harsher and heavier than ever. It comes with a Ryan Mackfall-directed video, of which Justine says, "'Exist' is a song that celebrates the highs and lows of existing. For this video I really wanted to capture the excitement of being a pre-teen and discovering the absolute joy that is music. I loved the idea of getting into someone’s head at that time and them daydreaming about being on stage with the band you love, like we did when we were that age and recently in the past year when we couldn’t play shows."

Check it out below...

Employed To Serve

1. Universal Chokehold
2. Exist
3. Twist The Blade
4. Sun Up To Sun Down
5. The Mistake
6. We Don't Need You
7. Set In Stone
8. Mark Of The Grave
9. World Ender
10. Conquering
11. Stand Alone


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