En Garde, the Akron, OH emo/post-hardcore band of vocalist/guitarist Ross Horvath (of A Voice Like Rhetoric) and drummer Andy Hendricks (of Annabel), formed in 2011 and recorded a bunch of songs with producer Joe Reinhart (of Hop Along and Algernon Cadwallader) the following year, but they never released any of it until last year's Debtors EP. Now they've got a full-length LP, Debts, also recorded in 2012 with Joe Reinhart, due February 25 via Count Your Lucky Stars (cassette, digital) and Storm Chasers LTD (vinyl).

We're premiering the album's first single, "Wrong Places," an anthemic song that strikes a similar emo/post-hardcore balance as stuff like Far, Sense Field, Gameface, Fairweather, etc, and En Garde do justice to the '90s/'00s era without ever sounding too derivative of any particular band.

"'Wrong Places' dissects the exhaustion of healing and the complications of a damaged compass," Ross tells us. "Learning that the process of getting better isn’t a race and is different for everyone. Intentionally working to avoid taking one step forward, two steps back. It’s a little more aggressive than most of the stuff we’ve done but I think it still holds true to the cohesive mindset that we try to capture."



Giving Blood
Vice Versa
Wrong Places
A Remorse of Course
Not Penny's Boat
Fault Lines
All the King's Men
Framed - Slanted
Friend Fiction
The Bottom of Our Lives

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