Japanese noise/experimental artist Astro

Fans of noise music and the outer reaches of experimentalism can be found at Ende Tymes Festival next weekend, which goes down over four days, May 17th-20th. The festival, which was launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, is housed in two venues (Secret Project Robot & Outpost Artist Resources) and will focus its efforts on noise & experimental music, film, and video art from more than fifty artists working with "STREET-LEVEL AVANT-GARDE TECHNOLOGY". Greg Fox (Guardian Alien, ex-Liturgy), Astro, Sudden Infant, Sickness, Telecult Powers, Grasshopper, Diablo (featuring fest organizer Bob Bellerue) and many others are all on board and you can check out full details on the event, including the schedule, below alongside the flyer and some live video.


Telecult Powers | NYC @ Death By Audio | 16 Apr 2011

Maria Chavez | NYC @ Silent Barn | 09 Apr 2011

Sickness | NYC @ Cake Shop | Apr 5 2008

Redglaer (Diablo) | NYC @ Goodbye Blue Monday | 19 Jan 2010

Ende Tymes 2012


May 17-20 2012 at Secret Project Robot and Outpost Artist Resources

at Outpost
06:00 PM Screenings
08:00 PM END

at Secret Project Robot
09:00 PM Anthony Saunders
09:20 PM John Mannion
09:40 PM Terrors (MD)
10:00 PM Lussuria
10:20 PM Husere Grav (TX)
10:40 PM work/death (RI)
11:00 PM Zaimph
11:20 PM Thomas Dimuzio (CA)
11:50 PM Crank Sturgeon (ME)
12:20 AM DOG (CA)
01:00 AM END

at Outpost
06:00 PM Screenings
08:00 PM END

at Secret Project Robot
09:00 PM Nonhorse
09:20 PM Narcissister + Earthmasters
09:40 PM Mike Shiflet (OH)
10:00 PM Fatale (IL)
10:20 PM Mesa Ritual (NM)
10:40 PM Maria Chavez
11:00 PM Joseph Hammer (CA)
11:30 PM Sickness (CT)
11:50 PM Unicorn (CA)
12:10 AM Unannounced
12:30 AM Laundry Room Squelchers (FL)
12:50 AM END

at Secret Project Robot
06:00 PM The Second Sun
06:20 PM Jean-Sébastien Truchy + Jean Bourbonnais (QC)
06:40 PM GRKZGL (QC)
07:00 PM Grasshopper
07:20 PM Beer Damage
07:40 PM Chaos Majik
08:00 PM ISA Christ
08:20 PM Surprise?
08:40 PM Tar Pit (MI)
09:00 PM Paranoid Time (MI)
09:20 PM Dog Lady Island (MI)
09:40 PM Dimmer (CA)
10:00 PM Diablo
10:20 PM Skin Graft (OH)
10:40 PM Cheapmachines (UK)
11:00 PM Hyena Hive (QC)
11:20 PM Sudden Infant (DE)
11:40 PM Astro (JP)
12:00 AM Joke/Hiroshi collab
12:20 AM Telecult Powers (LA/NY)
12:50 AM END

at Outpost
05:00:00 PM closing reception
06:00:00 PM Erin Sexton (BC)
06:20:00 PM Phillip Stearns
06:40:00 PM Alexander Wilson (QC)
07:00:00 PM Cory O'Brien + Mei Mei Chang (DC)
07:20:00 PM BREAK
07:40:00 PM Katherine Kline + Leyla Majeri (QC)
08:00:00 PM Leslie Ross + Katherine Liberovskaya (NY)
08:30:00 PM Jeff Carey (DC)
08:50:00 PM BREAK
09:10:00 PM Jason Soliday + Jon Satrom (IL)
09:30:00 PM Alain Lefebvre + Sonya Stefan (QC)
09:50:00 PM Jeff Donaldson
10:10:00 PM BREAK
10:30:00 PM Joke Lanz (DE) + Shelley Hirsch
10:50:00 PM Greg Fox
11:10:00 PM MAUSSADE + CA CA CA (QC)
11:30:00 PM END

$10 donation per night, $20 for 3 nights at Outpost

$15 at door, $30 for 3 nights at Secret Project Robot

$45 full weekend pass, all events

ADVANCE PURCHASE OF WEEKEND PASSES can be made by sending a PAYPAL payment to BOB@HALFNORMAL.COM. but please: send it as a personal payment to avoid the fees; list the TICKET(S) that you are buying (WITH DATES if you are choosing individual nights); include the NAME(S) that should be on the list; and confirm your EMAIL ADDRESS. we'll email you back with a confirmation code of some sort

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