Endless Boogie, the well-named, badass NYC rock band led by Paul Major, will release their new album, Vibe Killer, this Friday (May 19) via No Quarter. Matt Sweeney (Chavez) is back in the lineup these days and talked a bit about the band with Aquarium Drunkard:

The first time I saw them play all these thoughts shot through my head at the same time — “OK that guitar player looks wilder than anyone I’ve ever seen/That is the rudest riff I’ve ever heard/Why didn’t I think of that riff/I would never dare think of that riff/ I could watch guy play that lead forever/Chuck Berry and John Coltrane/That beat is perfect NEU!/ Am I really hearing and seeing this??/Are they really doing this??” — for like an hour, and it was one song.

You can stream two songs off the album, including one about seeing KISS at a kite festival in St. Louis in 1974, below.

Paul Major is also well known as a record collector and an expert on obscure psych and other autre sounds. Feel the Music: The Psychedelic Worlds of Paul Major is a new book that follow's his life from his days in the early NYC punk scene though his obsession with vinyl and days fronting Endless Boogie:

Paul Major has lived resolutely at the edge of outsider music culture for nearly a half-century. As an early private press and “real people” record collector turned eminent, underground rock ‘n’ roller, his influence is felt if not heard all around us—until now. Feel the Music traces Paul’s trajectory from his formative days in the Midwest, his years in the late ’70s New York punk scene, and into his curious career as a connoisseur and campaigner of the weirdest records of all time. Brought to life with unseen photographs, rare record covers, and cut n’ paste ephemera from Paul’s long running mail order catalog, while animated by Paul’s storytelling, Feel the Music is a fanatical mystery tour through the further, outer reaches of music history. Alongside Paul’s writing, Feel the Music features essays by Johan Kugelberg, Jack Streitman, Michael P. Daley, Rich Haupt, Stefan Kery, Patrick Lundborg, Geoffrey Weiss, Jesper Eklow, and Glenn Terry.

Copies of Feel the Music also come with a special Sorcerers and Endless Boogie split 7″ vinyl record. The book is out May 30 via Anthology Editions and there's also a deluxe edition includes a signed book with silkscreened slipcase, companion book, and signed letterpress print from artist Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance). Pre-order it now and check out the deluxe edition packaging below.

The band have a couple shows coming up which serve as release shows for both the album and the book. They'll play Bowery Ballroom on June 2 which begins with a conversation between Major and Stephen Malkmus. All the more enticing: The Q&A and book signing will also host a select open bar and a spread of delicious Quinn's BBQ. As a special gift, all ticketed entry to the show will get a limited edition Feel the Music tote bag. Check out the flyer below Endless Boogie also play Philadelphia's Johnny Brendas on June 4.  Tickets for both those shows are on sale now.



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