Endless, Nameless are a self-proclaimed "genre-blender band" from Denver and their debut album Living Without comes out March 24 via Silent Pendulum Records (The Number 12 Looks Like You, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Dr. Acula, etc), following 2018's Counterparts EP. As you'd probably expect from a band named after one of the noisiest Nirvana songs, you can hear the non-commercial side of grunge coming through in their music, but they've also got a discordant, proggy post-hardcore side that aligns them with labelmates like The Number 12. Vocalist/guitarist Elle Reynolds says:

Someone described us as identity crisis-core and I thought that was funny/represented us well. We all come from such different musical backgrounds and I think we have a really fun time seeing how that manifests, especially as we influence each other over time. We’re definitely on the proggier side but we take a noisy as fuck approach to our music. You’re always gonna hear that at our live shows and we wanted that fun, imperfect energy to show on this record.

I cover a mix of personal and political topics on the album, a lot of the time touching on both and on how systemic violence can lead to interpersonal conflict and vice versa. Being a trans person, it feels like my personal identity is violently and forcibly made political, so a lot of the album touches on that and intentionally blends those two categories.

We're premiering lead single "Propaniac" and its video (filmed by Elle and guitarist Ricardo Bonilla) right here:

Endless, Nameless

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