by BBG

English Dogs

Hi everyone. Let us begin right here... it is official. THIS TOUR IS ON!!!! Bear in mind this tour is scheduled for USA ONLY at the moment....

This line up has 3 members that are on the "To the ends of the earth " 12" Forward into Battle album , "Metalmorphosis" 12" and "Where Legend Began" album . Pinch played on every official release and Gizz Played on everything apart from the "Mad Punx" 12' and "Porky men" album. A total of 8 official releases.The line up that is currently touring UK as English Dogs has 1 member that appears on any official releases. And that's Wakey who appears on 3. If you're looking for an original line up in any sense then I'll let you do the math Graviora.

That blurb comes from the "English Dogs: Forward into Battle - USA Tour Feb 2012" Facebook page, which somewhat lays out the legendary crossover band's plans for next year (to tour the US playing their landmark LP). The lineup for the tour is:

Andy "Pinch" Pinching - Drums
Gizz Butt - Lead Guitar
Adie Bailey - Vocals
Craig Christy - Bass
Ryan - Rhythm Guitar

Dates are forthcoming, but the USA had better look out.

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