Entombed (and Entombed A.D.) frontman Lars-Göran “L-G” Petrov sadly passed away on Sunday (3/7), after a battle with cancer. He was 49.

Entombed AD issued a statement, which reads:

⁣We are devastated to announce that our beloved friend Lars-Göran Petrov has left us.⁣⁣
Our brother, leader, vocalist, our Chief Rebel Angel went on another ride last night. It’s with the deepest sadness that we have to announce that Lars-Göran Petrov has left us. He was (is!!!) an incredible friend, and a person that has touched so many people. He has changed so many lives with his voice, his music, his character and his unique personality. LG’s smile is something that we will carry forever in our hearts. When asked in an interview what he would like to have written on his grave and what about his legacy, he said: "I will never die, it will never die". And you didn’t. You will live forever in our hearts. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
R.I.P. LG Petrov.

Entombed formed in 1989 out of the ashes of their previous band Nihilist (whose demos and 7" were later compiled as Nihilist (1987–1989)), and they went on to release a groundbreaking Swedish death metal album with their 1990 debut LP, Left Hand Path. They changed the trajectory of the genre once again with their third album, 1993's Wolverine Blues, which helped pioneer the subgenre of death 'n' roll.

Petrov would remain in Entombed for all six of their subsequent albums, before parting ways with the band in 2014 and forming the offshoot band Entombed A.D., who went on to release three albums.

Petrov also drummed in the '80s-era band Morbid, contributed vocals to Allegiance's 1989 demo, fronted Comecon in the early '90s, and fronted Firespawn in the late 2010s. He's contributed guest vocals to Amon Amarth, Rotten Sound, and others.

Rest in peace, LG. Your vast influence will live on.

Watch some videos and see tributes from fellow musicians below...

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