Entrail is a drone and singer/songwriter project from Olympia, WA who is releasing the new album Eater of Starlight on October 1 via Scry Recordings (pre-order). Following the release of lead single "The Cup," we're premiering the 10-minute "Craving." Entrail says, "This track comes from a place of primal yearning for human contact and the pain that seethes in absence of deep, safe, sustained touch. It is a cry for building a culture of platonic physical intimacy, for helping to feed each other's bodies with a most basic element of nourishment." If you're into anything from Grouper to Earth to Mount Eerie, this is worth hearing, and you can do so below.

About the album, Entrail also adds:

This album for me was a falling-upward into an offworld headspace. I felt ungrounded and found myself conveying the terror of that journey. My intention, when I started writing this music, was to offer some kind of healing after my last album, which was focused on themes of impending ecological collapse. What came out though was more catharsis, more darkness. I cannot offer resolved healing through this music because I am not there yet myself — I still have to work with these demonic sensations; I still have to find my way back to Earth after dissociating from it so hard.

If you're in the Olympia area, you can catch Entrail live tonight (9/13).

1. Dark Moon
2. Cathartidae
3. Rain
4. The Cup
5. Craving
6. Dust Of Dreamers

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