Japanese screamo greats Envy will release The Fallen Crimson, their first album in five years, on February 7 via Temporary Residence LTD. The record follows their reunion with frontman Tetsuya Fukagawa (who had left the band for two years) and the departure of guitarist Masahiro Tobita and drummer Dairoku Seki. The album features both songs from the two-song single that Envy put out last year, and they've released a trailer featuring a clip of another new song, "A faint new world." Check out the trailer, artwork, and tracklist below, alongside a stream of last year's single.

Envy - The Fallen Crimson tracklist:
1. Statement of freedom
2. Swaying leaves and scattering breath
3. A faint new world
4. Rhythm
5. Marginalized thread
7. Eternal memories and reincarnation
8. Fingerprint mark
9. Dawn and gaze
10. Memories and the limit
11. A step in the morning glow