For nearly 40 years, Vince Clarke and Andy Bell have been making bubbly synthpop as Erasure. They've dabbled in various dance music styles over the course of 18 albums, but Vince Clarke's distinctive sound has always been at the heart of it. Erasure are pushing their sound into decidedly new territory on their new album Day-Glo (Based on a True Story), that will be out August 12 via Mute.

With his free time during the pandemic, Clarke started playing around with the files from their 2020 album The Neon, reworking them and connecting them together in new ways. Then Andy Bell began adding vocals, relying on improvisation rather than written lyrics and melodies. The result is a collage-like album that's unlike anything Erasure have ever done.

You can listen to an excerpt of the album's opening track, "Based on a True Story," below.

attachment-erasure day-glo based on a true story


Day-Glo (Based on a True Story):
1. Based on a True Story
2. Bop Beat
3. Pin-Prick
4. The Conman
5. Now
6. Inside Out
7. Harbour of My Heart
8. 3 Strikes and You're Out
9. The Shape of Things
10. The End

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