Eric B & Rakim reunited for the first time in over 20 years in 2017 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album Paid In Full, and they kept touring together after that... until coronavirus hit, of course. Meanwhile, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their third album, 1990's Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em, they'll do the second best thing: a livestream.

Eric B & Rakim will do a live performance and discuss the album on the stream, which goes down Friday (6/19) at 8:30 PM ET on's The Leader channel, and it also features tributes and interviews with "guests who were in the mix, collaborators, photographers, close friends, etc," including Ice T, LL Cool J, Chuck D, Cornel West, Mayor Ras Baraka, Fat Joe, Dapper Dan, Fab 5 Freddy, and Jody Watley. Headkrack is your host.

Rakim says:

We've all had time to elevate our consciousness in 2020. With this 30th Anniversary, it feels good to be able to reflect and relive some truly positive moments. I don't know if any artist starting out thinks that they'll get a chance to stay relevant decade after decade, but somehow that's the blessing we've gotten. Getting back out on the road might take some time and not being able to connect with the energy of our fans leaves a big hole. Connecting through the show on Caffeine is gonna fill that up a little and connecting in this new way opens doors we can keep walking through together...globally.

And Eric B adds:

My favorite part of being an artist is hearing how what we do resonates with the fans. The music can put a mark on a moment in their lives and those memories are something we should always celebrate. And there are new memories we can create together. That's what we plan on doing on the June 19th show. Talking about the past and the present or whatever comes to mind, performing our favorite tracks, bringing some old friends with us and reaching out to make new ones. With this format, you literally come and party in my living room and we're coming right back into yours.

More info here. Watch the trailer below.

Eminem included Rakim on his list of the greatest rappers of all time that he posted over the weekend. T.I. included Rakim on his own list last fall.

Ice-T has had a busy year, having done various livestreams before this, released a new Body Count album, and spoken about how Law & Order SVU will incorporate police brutality into its next season.

LL Cool J also landed on Em's list and he's also been outspoken about police brutality lately, and released a protest freestyle on Instagram.

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