RVIVR's Erica Freas is getting ready to release a solo album called Patient Ones, which is out on September 30 via Don Giovanni (rather than her own Rumbletown Records). The new song is called "Please Go Walk in the Rain," and it's a catchy, affecting listen. Her voice as a songwriter here isn't much different from her work with RVIVR, but it takes on a new valence in this context, adorned with only an acoustic guitar and some cello accents. It's got a great hook and, unsurprisingly, packs a lot of emotion. You can listen to that below.

Meanwhile, lots is going on with RVIVR and related acts. Erica released an album with Somnia, her collaboration with David Combs of The Max Levine Ensemble, earlier this year. MLE and RVIVR have also been playing shows together this year. RVIVR's Mattie Canino is also busy with Tender Defender and the Latterman reunion. And all five of these artists (RVIVR, Erica Freas, Somnia, Tender Defender, and Latterman) are playing The Fest this year.

Listen to "Please Go Walk in the Rain" below.

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