The Whitest Boy Alive, the other group led by Kings of Convenience's Erlend Øye, just released a new single, their first new music since 2009's Rules. (The band had officially called it quits in 2014.) "Serious" was recorded in Buenos Aires and does have a breezy, tropical vibe. No word if more is on the way, but you can listen below.

While we're updating you on Øye's myriad endeavors, Kings of Convenience were supposed to have had a new album out already but as the band wrote last year, an album's worth of songs "were written and even performed live but when we tried to record it during 2016/2017 for a mixture of reasons the results just weren’t good enough. And by that time I (erlend) didn’t have anymore energy to pour into it. I needed distance to be able to be objective about it again. So 2018 was a charging battery year, and now we are planning to try again. But you won’t hear anything more about it ( or from us) until it’s actually done. No false promises. Dreams burn but in ashes are gold."

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