Eugene Mirman

A lot is going on with Eugene Mirman these days & everyone needs to know about it.

Eugene recently headed to New Hampshire to cover the primaries for You can see video evidence of his escapades on the 236 website, or at the very end of this post. Appearances by Hillary, Huckabee, Chuck Norris, Romney, townies, and Mirman himself make this a hilarious and unforgettable video.

When you're done watching that, mark your calendars for the airing of Eugene's Comedy Central Presents episode happening on 2/1/08. I was at the taping, and was blown away by how good it was. And definitely keep your eyes on the Comedy Central Presents calendar for other upcoming episodes featuring other awesome (and not very awesome) comedians.

Eugene also has a couple high profile gigs coming up in NYC (including "Get the Laughs and Votes Out for Obama" at Knitting Factory), some in Austin, and some in a few other places. All that below....

Euguene in NYC

1/29/08, 8:00pm doors, The Knitting Factory: Get the Laughs and Votes Out for Obama: A whopping night of comedy featuring Aziz Ansari, Eugene Mirman, Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen, Slovin and Allen, Todd Barry, David Rees, Whitest Kids U Know, Laura Krafft, Greg Johnson + More! With music from Shonali Bhowmik and Marcellus Hall

2/6/08, 8:00pm, COMIX: Eugene is headling Comix.

And if these events are too rich for your blood, you can always catch Eugene at Invite Them Up which happens Wednesdays at Rififi for $5 (unless he's on tour). Or you can catch him Sundays at Union Hall with Michael Showalter at their ECNY Award nominated show Tearing the Veil of Maya (unless he's on tour). Maya is $7.

Eugene Mirman non-NYC Tour Dates

San Francisco (part of SF Sketchfest)
1/19/08, 7:00pm, The Eureka Theatre: An Evening with Dr. Katz Live featuring Jon Benjamin, Andy Kindler, Eugene Mirman

1/20/08, 8:00pm, Mezzanine: Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman's Fresh Faces of Comedy featuring Bob Odenkirk, Tim and Eric, Michael Showalter, Short Film Contest with John Lehr from 10 Items or Less, musical guest Zach Rogue (from Rogue Wave)

Boston, MA
2/28/08, 7:30pm, Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts: Tearing The Veil of Maya with Michael Showalter, Eugene Mirman, Jon Benjamin and Wonderful Friends

Austin, TX (part of SXSW!)
3/9/08 SXSW Web Awards Show: Eugene will be hosting the web awards for SXSW.
3/11/08 TBA w/ Michael Showalter and Mike Birbiglia.
3/14/08 TBA with lots and lots of lots of comics (part of SXSW).
3/15/08 TBA with lots and lots of comics and bands. (part of SXSW)

23/6: Primary Coverage with Eugene Mirman

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