A new film documenting Evan Rachel Wood's abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson will premiere at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Variety reports. Wood worked with Amy Berg (Deliver Us From Evil) on Phoenix Rising for over two years, and the name comes from the Phoenix Act, California legislation Wood helped created, which extends the statute of limitations on domestic violence from three years to five, and was signed into law in 2019.

Berg told Variety that Wood approached her that year about making the film, but she didn't decide to take on the project until after Covid hit in 2020. "It wasn’t about Marilyn Manson, and his whole world,” Berg told Variety. "This was about an Erin Brockovich story. We were really focused on telling a story about empowerment, something that would offer resources for women and men who are stuck in abusive situations. And that was what we were making — until she decided to name him publicly."

Berg told Variety that she's still working on the documentary's second part, saying, "Naming Manson obviously created a lot more story for us. It became a two-part film in the edit bay."

After its premiere at Sundance, the documentary will also air in two parts on HBO sometime in the spring.

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