Twitter is a wild place! After becoming funny on Twitter, Eve 6 got added to The Fest "as like a postmodern joke" (to quote Eve 6), and they've used their platform to promote a lot of the cooler, younger punk bands playing The Fest who never had a video on MTV. Meanwhile, Laura Jane Grace has been petitioning another punk festival, Riot Fest, to get Operation Ivy to reunite. Eve 6 got involved in that too, urging Riot Fest to book Eve 6 doing a set of Op Ivy covers. Riot Fest replied, "LOL. I’d rather have @LauraJaneGrace cover @Eve6 songs." Laura then said, "If @RiotFest makes the Operation Ivy reunion happen I will perform a full set of @Eve6 covers… specifically ‘Inside Out’… I will cover that song on repeat for a full 45 minute set. I still get paid though." Riot Fest asked, "Do you like Operation more than you hate @Eve6? Would an Op Ivy reunion be worth it if it meant you had to listen to an @Eve6 cover band?" Rancid liked the tweet. Riot Fest made a Twitter poll asking who the worst band to cover Op Ivy would be, and Eve 6 won. Modern ska-punk greats We Are The Union tweeted, "god i just want one day on the timeline without seeing anything about eve 6, riot fest, and operation ivy."

Now, in a truly galaxy brain turn of events, Riot Fest has premiered a collaborative cover of Op Ivy's "Sound System" by We Are The Union and Eve 6! Presumably, some of those aforementioned tweets were adding fuel to this fire on purpose, knowing the cover was coming, but still, this is amazing. Also, the cover is genuinely good! And it comes with a video directed by Chris Graue that's as clever and funny and smart as Chris' videos always are. Watch:

Catbite gets it:

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