Buffalo metalcore vets Every Time I Die have been talking about their highly anticipated new music all year, and now they've finally released two new singles, "A Colossal Wreck" and "Desperate Pleasures," their first new songs since 2016's Low Teens. ETID have bounced back and forth between abrasive metalcore and more melodic, Southern rock-tinged stuff over the years, as well as some other stuff, and "A Colossal Wreck" finds them at their heaviest, while "Desperate Pleasures" is a little more dark and brooding. They both rip, and they're getting us very excited to hear what else they have up their sleeves. Listen below.

The songs were produced and mixed by END/Fit For An Autopsy's Will Putney (Knocked Loose, Vein, Counterparts, etc), and a press release from Epitaph calls them "a glimpse at the band’s forthcoming ninth studio record," so stay tuned for that.

Vocalist Keith Buckley says the songs are "two sides of the same reactionary coin. While ‘A Colossal Wreck’ looks around at the current state of the world and says ‘life is a punishment and only the worst of us thrive’ and, ‘Desperate Pleasures’ takes a more optimistic approach and renounces the nihilistic/accelerationist attitude of the voice that came before. It says that without hope, even in the face of such universal anguish, only death is certain and to give up now when those around us need it most is a treacherous act of pure cowardice. That said, I'm not sure which is worse, bein-g a coward or being a cynic. Probably a coward. At least cynics have a sense of humor."

They're also taking their annual holiday show virtual this year with 'Every Time I Die's Online Telethon Extravaganza to Raise $69 for the Members of Every Time I Die' on December 19 at 5 PM ET. Tickets and merch are on sale now. Trailer below.

ETID also released pro-shot video of their set from last year's holiday show, via hate5six:


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