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Jeff Wilson on stage with Doomsday,
his project with Bob Fouts (more by Carmelo Espanola)

You may not have heard of them yet, but Chrome Waves is on the move. Featuring Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Nachtmystium), Bob Fouts (The Gates of Slumber, Apostle of Solitude), and Stavros Giannopoulos (The Atlas Moth, Twilight), the trio are set to release a six song EP that features the tracks "Blackbird", "Height of The Rifles", and "Light Behind a Shadow", Listen to all three below. The latter makes its debut here today. Look for the band's self released, self titled, six song EP on January 31st on limited hand printed/hand numbered CD with "an exclusive shirt, patch and sticker". Vinyl info still forthcoming.

Fresh on the heels of Macabre Eternal, Autopsy will welcome their new LP All Tomorrow's Funerals via Peaceville on February 20th. The record contains new tracks, as well as Autopsy's past EP's & rarities and is up for preorder now via Peaceville. Speaking of Autopsy, checkout a Morbus Chron cover of Autopsy's "Mauled to Death", along with a few tour dates, below.

Check out some new tracks from Pick Your Side at Facebook. Pick Your Side features members of Fuck The Facts, Haymaker and Left for Dead.

Check out a new To Live a Lie sampler featuring new tracks from Unholy Grave & Backslider, a clip from the Hooded Menace/Horse Lattitudes split, and a new song by Tripmines below along with this week's list of suggested NYC shows...


Chrome Waves - Light Behind a Shadow

Chrome Waves - Black Bird

Chrome Waves - Height Of The Rifles

Morbus Chron - Mauled to Death (Autopsy)

Tripmines - "Years of Dread"
Years of Dread by sorrystaterecords

Coke Bust (full set) from Starlab in Somerville, MA on 1/2/12

1/6 - Empire Shall Fall, East of the Wall, Family @ Saint Vitus
1/6 - A Pale Horse Named Death, Dropdown, Fear of None, Pool Of Thomas, Breakage Rising, Swon Rift @ Knitting Factory
1/6 - Iron Chic, Model Home @ Saint Vitus
1/6 - Xerxes, Code Orange Kids, Trenchfoot, Myriad @ Acheron
1/7 - No Statik, Death First, Natural Law, Deathrats @ Acheron
1/6 - Mortum, Salo, Wulfkrieg @ The Charleston
1/7 - Lifetime, Title Fight, Iron Chic @ Club Europa
1/7 - Locked in a Vacancy, All Else Failed, A Life Once Lost, Backwoods Payback, Tiger Flowers @ ABC No Rio
1/8 - Falls of Rauros, Mortum, Waranimal, Salo at Acheron
1/8 - Viscera, Nancy T. Sunshine, Prostitution, Headnsnatcher @ Saint Vitus
1/8 - Affiance, Serianna, Us, From Outside, Sirens & Sailors @ The Morgan
1/11 - Sanctuary, Gothic Knights, Sanitarius @ Gramercy Theater
1/12 - Guardian Alien, Chat Logs, LUSHES, VIDEO DAUGHTERS @ Saint Vitus
1/12 - Graveyard, Radio Moscow, Daniel Davies @ Bowery Ballroom
1/13 - Internal Bleeding, MALIGNANCY, Undivided, Left In Ruins, Grotesqueuphoria @ Saint Vitus
1/13 - Monster Magnet, Naam, Quest For Fire, Ladykiller!, Heavy Shit DJ's @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
1/14 - Model Home, Man the Change @ LuLu's
1/14 - The Hotel Year, Young English, Speaker for the Dead, Gameday Regular @ Acheron (3PM Matinee)
1/14 - Comanche, Humongous, Comanche @ Acheron
1/15 - Draize, Ruin Lust, Consumption, Gang Signs, Nailed Shut @ Acheron
1/17 - Biohazard, IKILLYA @ Gramercy Theater
1/17 - So Many Ways, more TBA @ the Party XPO
1/17 - Bible Thumper, Weight of the World, Disobey, Escapist @ Acheron
1/18 - Ghost, Blood Ceremony, Ancient VVisdom @ Bowery Ballroom
1/19 - Bridge Under Fire, more TBA @ Acheron
1/19 - Weekend Nachos, Homewrecker @ ABC No Rio
1/20 - Madball, Maximum Penalty, Dead End Path, Suburban Scum, King Nine @ Gramercy Theater
1/20 - Morbid Saint, Deceased, Carcinogen, Midnite Hellion at Europa
1/20 - Brain Slug, Crazy Spirit, CREEM, Goosebumps @ 538 Johnson
1/20 - All Pigs Must Die, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Low Places, Grudges @ Acheron

January 14th Gathering of The Beastial Legion Los Angeles, CA
May 5th Reggie's Chicago, IL
May 24th Maryland Deathfest X Baltimore, MD, USA

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