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Drugs of Faith at Death By Audio, March 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Drugs of Faith

In addition to the Bad Powers/Sannhet/The Year is One show at Saint Vitus and Krallice/Mutant Supremacy/Feast of The Epiphany show at Acheron tonight (9/21), the great Drugs of Faith will take to the stages of Tobacco Road with Drones for Queens, Spirit of Saint Louis and Mother Brain.

Deiphago will team with Manticore, Abazagorath, Trenchgrinder and Infiltrator for a show at Acheron on November 17. The show is the end of the line for their US tour, though full schedule is still on the way.

Hoax have been added to the previously discussed D-Clone show at Acheron on October 6. Absolutely unmissable.

Panzerfaust will take on Acheron on October 17, joined by Syphilitic Lust and one more TBA.

All suggested shows for the next two weeks -- plus a stream of that killer Neurosis track (previously posted here)-- are below.
What did I miss?


Neurosis - "At The Well"

9/21 - Bad Powers, Sannhet, The Year Is One @ Saint Vitus
9/21 - Krallice, Feast of the Epiphany, Mutant Supremacy @ Acheron
9/21 - Drugs of Faith, Drones for Queens, Spirit of Saint Louis, Mother Brain @ Tobacco Road
9/22 - The 4th Annual Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show
9/22 - Indian Larry's Grease Monkey Block Party
9/22 - Dysrhythmia, The Wayward, Praetura @ Saint Vitus
9/22 - Scowl, Sky Burial, The Communion @ Acheron
9/22 - Kiss, Mötley Crüe, The Treatment @ Jones Beach
9/22 - Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Tyr, Metsatöll @ Gramercy Theatre
9/22 - Katatonia, Devin Townsend Project, Paradise Lost, Stolen Babies @ Irving Plaza
9/22 - Pissheads, Nomad, Bortgang, Dead Reich, La Misma @ 177 Stockholm
9/23 - Alekhine's Gun, Cognitive, Dark Waters End @ Saint Vitus
9/25 - Saint Vitus, Weedeater, Sourvein @ Saint Vitus
9/25 - Big Business @ Maxwell's
9/26 - Morbid Angel, Dark Funeral, Grave, Vadimvon @ B.B. King
9/27 - Black Table, End It, My Mountain, Cordillera @ Acheron
9/27 - Valley Lodge, States and Kingdoms, Geoffrey Rickly @ Saint Vitus
9/27 - Skeletonwitch, Havok, Early Graves, Mutilation Rites @ Knitting Factory
9/28 - Iron Chic, Treasure Fleet, Bridge and Tunnel, Shellshag @ Saint Vitus
9/28 - Call of The Wild, Gentlemen, Toaster, Family Curse @ Acheron
9/29 - Crooked Man, Grandfather, Bearface, Eyes of the Sun @ Saint Vitus
9/29 - Big Business, Gay Witch Abortion, Human Toilet @ The Studio at Webster Hall
9/30 - Yuppicide, Rejuvenate, Dead Serious, No Way @ Saint Vitus
9/30 - Big Business, House of Lightning @ Death By Audio
10/1 - Protestant, Grudges, Gang Signs, Brickeater @ Acheron
10/3 - Propagandhi, Comeback Kid @ Highline Ballroom
10/4 - States and Kingdoms, Tyburn Saints, Your Skull My Closet @ Saint Vitus
10/4 - Melvins Lite, Tweak Bird @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/4 - Propagandhi, Comeback Kid @ Le Poisson Rouge
10/5 - Impaler, Anvil Bitch, Brohammer, Sacrificial Blood @ Saint Vitus
10/5 - The Angry Samoans, The Cryptics, Violent Bullshit @ Grand Victory
10/6 - D-Clone, Zatsuon, Hoax, Aspects of War, Sad Boys, Dead Reich @ Acheron

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