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Kings Destroy at Knitting Factory, Sept 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Kings Destroy

It's a doom fiesta at Union Pool on 11/9. BrooklynVegan and The Obelisk are joining forces to present a FREE show featuring Black Pyramid, Kings Destroy and Clamfight! The show is the first of three scheduled for the trio of bands (dates are in flyer below). Meanwhile, you can see Kings Destroy at Saint Vitus tonight (11/2, tickets) as part of a show with Witch Mountain and Castle (who are touring together). Kings Destroy recently completed sessions with Sanford Parker, though no word as to when the new LP, titled Adversarial,  will be released.

As discussed, Hounds of Hate have a new cassette out now. Catch them at 538 Johnson on 11/6 with Goosebumps, Brain Slug, Ugly Parts, and Dipers.

Germany black metal crew Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult will team with Agrath, Warstrike 666 and Damnatum for a show at Acheron on 11/16.

All suggested shows for the next two weeks and a tour flyer for Black Pyramid are below.


Black Pyramid Tour

11/2 - Witch Mountain, Castle, Kings Destroy at Saint Vitus @ Saint Vitus
11/3 - Wolvhammer, Krieg, Doomsday @ Union Pool
11/4 - Samiam, Liquor Store, I'm With Cupid at Saint Vitus @ Saint Vitus
11/4 - Bad Side, Holidays, The Guts, Pity Party @ Acheron
11/5 - Infantephant, Mount Gomery, Ron Varod at Saint Vitus @ Saint Vitus
11/6 - We Are All Savages, Irata, Akris, Walk Me at Saint Vitus @ Saint Vitus
11/7 - Banquets, PJ Bond, Despite Everything, Timeshares, Sad And French @ Saint Vitus
11/7 - Maserati, Majeure @ Union Pool
11/8 - Endless Boogie, Degreaser, Triple Hex, BC at Saint Vitus @ Saint Vitus
11/8 - Funerary Call, Xiphoid Dementia, Oneirogen, 156 @ Acheron
11/9 - Corrosion Of Conformity, ASG, Royal Thunder, Thinning The Herd @ Saint Vitus
11/9 - Black Pyramid, Kings Destroy, Clamfight @ Union Pool, FREE
11/10 - Suffocation, Car Bomb, Mutant Supremacy, Trenchgrinder @ Saint Vitus
11/10 - AZAR SWAN @ The Flat
11/10 - Born Loose, Livids, Little Seizures @ Union Pool
11/10 - Skarhead, Wisdom In Chains, Bornlow, Living Laser, King nine, Detriment @ The Morgan
11/10 - Zyanose, Truncheons, Nomad, Zatsuon, Bortgang, Creeping Dose @ Acheron
11/11 - Thedowngoing, Water Torture, The Communion, Skullshitter @ Acheron
11/11 - Morbid Saint, Blood Feast, Funerus Coffin, Thorn Constellation @ Saint Vitus
11/11 - Psychic Teens, Nuclear Santa Claust, Sore Saints, Dirty Old Women @ Lone Wolf
11/12 - Red Fang, Black Tusk, Indian Handcrafts @ Bowery Ballroom
11/11 - TRIAL, Incendiary, hollow earth, Rude awakening, Jukai, Problems @ The Morgan
11/12 - Red Fang, Black Tusk, Indian Handcrafts @ Saint Vitus
11/12 - Revocation, A Life Once Lost, Ken Mode, Meek Is Murder @ The Studio at Webster Hall
11/14 - PC Worship, Cave, Running, Pampers @ 285 Kent
11/15 - Fielded, Sick Din @ Death by Audio
11/16 - Neon Piss, Shoxx, Nuclear Spring, Survival @ Death by Audio
11/16 - The Everymen, The Brooklyn What, The Skipjack, TBA @ Saint Vitus
11/16 - Hounds of Hate (PA), Goosebumps, Brain Slug, Ugly Parts (NJ), Dipers @ 538 Johnson
11/16 - Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Agrath, Warstrike 666, Damnatum @ Acheron
11/17 - Deiphago, Manticore, Abazagorath, Trenchgrinder, Infiltrator @ Acheron
11/17 - Atriarch, Sea of Bones, Yellow Eyes at Saint Vitus @ Saint Vitus

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