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Mutant Supremacy at MHoW (more by Greg Cristman)
Mutant Supremacy

Mutant Supremacy rounds out the lineup for the post-Martyrdoom show on July 1 at Saint Vitus. The NYC death metal favorites will join the previously announced Dead Congregation, Sanguis Imperem and Dethroned Emperor, and you can get in with a ticket or via a reduced admission with your Martyrdoom bracelet.

We've got a sorta slow few weeks of shows coming up, although there is a ton of excellent punk rock around the July 4th week, not to mention the unmissable Black Breath/Martyrdod/The Secret/Burning Love/Enabler bonanza (now with 100% more Grudges)! Tickets for the latter, which goes down at Acheron on July 6th, are still available. The show is brought to you by BV and Southern Lord, the same dastardly duo responsible for the just announced Power of The Riff festival in NYC.

Shows over the next week worthy of the Evillive seal of approval are llisted below. Otherwise...onward to MARTYRDOOM!




6/29 - Black Witchery, Burial Ritual, Agrath, Winter Nights @ Saint Vitus
6/29 - Hull, Praetura, Gang Signs, Blackout @ Acheron
6/29 - Hammerhead, Seawhores, White Suns, Queening @ Death By Audio
6/29 - The Young, Census, Nude Beach @ 285 Kent
6/29 - The Krays, Suspect Device, the Last Stand, On the Offense @ Bar Matchless
6/29 - Hammerhead, Seawhores, White Suns, Queening @ Death By Audio
6/29 - Drug Church, The Saddest Landscape, Single Mothers + more @ Suburbia (Friendship Fest)
6/30 - Terrible Feelings, Mutant Genes, Nuclear Spring, Sad Boys @ The Acheron
6/30 - Martyrdoom Fest @ Public Assembly
6/30 - The Melvins, Gay Witch Abortion, Hammerhead, Seawhores @ Lit Lounge!!!
6/30 - Ex-Breathers, Quiet Clouds, Bridge Under Fire, Suburban Grass @ ABC No Rio
7/1 - Retox, Regents, Tournament, Wet Witch @ The Acheron
7/1 - Gay Witch Abortion, Fashion Week, Gentlemen @ Union Pool
7/1 - Dead Congregation, Sanguis Imperem, Mutant Supremacy, Dethroned Emperor @ Saint Vitus
7/1 - The F.U.'s, The K.W.E. with Special Guests, Urban Waste, No Control @ Bar Matchless
7/2 - Crazy Spirit, Smart Cops, Wart Hog, Deformity @ The Acheron
7/3 - Deadly Reign, Broken, Trenchgrinder, Zatsuon @ The Acheron
7/3 - Goosebumps, Slugz, Dry Hump, Birth Deformities @ Heaven Street
7/3 - Scowl, Zombie Fight, Kids @ Hi Five
7/3 - Goosebumps, Slugz, Birth Deformities, Dry Hump, Slugz @ Heaven Street
7/4 - Brown Sugar, CREEM, Deformities, Death Camp, Altered Boys @ The Acheron
7/4 - Brown Sugar, Creem, Deformity, Death Camp, Altered Boys @ The Acheron
7/5 - Agnostic Front, Madball, Murphy's Law, Maximum Penalty @ Webster Hall
7/5 - Wombat In Combat, M.A.D., (A)Truth @ Acheron
7/6 - Black Breath, Martyrdod, The Secret, Burning Love, Enabler @ The Acheron
7/6 - Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags, Vision of Disorder, Absolution, Sai Nam @ Webster Hall
7/7 - Warfear, All Rise, DSR @ Abc No Rio
7/8 - Psychic Paramount @ Cameo
7/8 - Glassjaw @ Irving Plaza (7PM)
7/8 - Glassjaw @ Irving Plaza (MIDNIGHT SHOW)
7/8 - Wrathcobra, Oh Shit They're Going to Kill Us, Death First @ The Acheron
7/8 - Deutsch Nepal, Bain Wolfkind, Kama Rupa @ Saint Vitus
7/8 - Wrathcobra, Oh Shit They're Going To Kill Us, Death First, +1 @ The Acheron
7/11 - Kayo Dot, Mosselek, MV Carbon @ Saint Vitus

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