by Fred Pessaro // BBG

'One Man Metal' still, Jef Whitehead (Wrest of Leviathan) on right

Noisey have run the first part of an amazing three-part series on One Man Metal, featuring Leviathan, Striborg and Xasthur. The series, thus far, has revealed the three notoriously hermetic individuals in a light ever seen before. Check it out below... highly reccommended.

The previously discussed Ghoul show at Saint Vitus on 10/21 is one of two area shows for the band, who will also bless NJ Deathfest at Hartleys in North Arlington, NJ on 10/19 - 20. The two-day event will also feature appearances from Waco Jesus, Malignancy, Phobia, Internal Bleeding, Waking The Cadaver, Gorgasm, Deceased, and many many more. Tickets are on sale.

Graveyard have a new song from their forthcoming LP Lights Out streaming at The Wall Street Journal. Repeat, The Wall Street Journal.

All Evillive-approved shows are listed below, along with hat great OMM video.


One Man Metal - Part 1 - Black Metal's Unexplored Fringes

10/5 - No Babies Concrete Cross, In School, Ylajal @ Stolen Sleeves
10/5 - Impaler, Anvil Bitch, Brohammer, Sacrificial Blood @ Saint Vitus
10/5 - Millions, Cobretti, Growler and Beef Wellington @ Matchless
10/5 - The Angry Samoans, The Cryptics, Violent Bullshit @ Grand Victory
10/6 - D-Clone, Zatsuon, Hoax, Aspects of War, Sad Boys, Dead Reich @ Acheron
10/6 - Abdicate, Death Sick, Andromorphus Rexalia, Let to the Grave, Budd Dwyer @ Tobacco Road
10/7 - Agrath, Ominous Resurrection, Namnatum @ Acheron
10/9 - Cynarae, Scowl, more TBA @ Acheron
10/10 - Swans, A Hawk and a Hacksaw @ Bowery Ballroom
10/10 - Gameface, Descender, Model Home, +special Rev 25 guest @ Saint Vitus
10/11 - D-Clone, Perdition, Nomad, Bortgang @ Lulu's
10/11 - Revelation 25 @ Irving Plaza
10/12 - Revelation 25 @ Irving Plaza
10/12 - On The Might Of Princes, Tidal Arms, Image Society, World's Fair @ Saint Vitus
10/13 - Revelation 25 @ Irving Plaza
10/15 - Vattnet Viskar @ Lit Lounge
10/15 - Shook Ones, Deep Pockets, Censors, Broken Field Runner, Starving Arts @ Acheron
10/16 - The Bell Witch, Yellow Eyes @ Acheron
10/16 - OFF!, The Spits, Double Negative @ Irving Plaza
10/17 - Panzerfaust, Haethen, Syphilitic Lust @ Acheron
10/18 - Toys That Kill, Night Birds, Nude Beach, The Shrine @ Acheron
10/18 - Pig Destroyer, KEN mode, Early Graves, Encrust @ Public Assembly
10/19 - Prong, This or the Apocalypse, For Sleeping or Jumping and Eminence @ Rocks Off
10/19 - Slug Guts, Pop 1280, Warthog @ Acheron

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