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Mick Barr with Krallice at Union Pool (more by BBG)
Mick Barr

Some great options tonight (8/5)! If you aren't heading out to catch Castevet at Saint Vitus or Oak at 538 Johnson, you might want to swing by Death By Audio to catch Mick Barr (of Krallice) with Vaz, Lichens, and The Dreebs. A paltry $7 gets you in.

Krallice will play Union Pool on 9/17 with Black Anvil, Ruin Lust and Urfaust!

Reminder! Disma / Coffinworm / Unearthly Trance / Oak at Saint Vitus on Saturday! Tickets are still available. I interviewed Daryl this week.

Sete Star Sept will hit The Charleston on August 19th, as part of a bill that will also include Penis Geyser, The Communion, and Radiation Blackbody. The show is part of a US/Canadian tour for the Japanese grind band. All dates are below.

ACxDC will team with Napoleon Complex, Brain Slug, aand Skelptarsis for a show at Pary Xpo on August 9th. The show is part of the band's East Coast Devastation tour.

Nihilistic hardcore band Sea of Shit will hit Stolen Sleeves on August 12th for a show with Vaccine, Ilsa, and Callous

Great Falls, which features members of Kiss It Goodbye and Playing Enemy, will be in the NYC area to play a pair of shows on their East Coast tour. Look for them at Lit Lounge on August 8th with Fashion Week and A Passage Between and at Acheron on August 11th with Xaddax, Radiation Blackbody and Passage Between.

More suggested shows and some video is below. What did I miss?

Sete Star Sept : Live in Korea @ Dooriban 2011.04.30

Sea of Shit in DeKalb Illinois. 02/19/2010

BLACK FLAG - December 15th, 1984

IRON LUNG - May 22nd, 2010

UNHOLY GRAVE - July 28th, 2002

8/5 - Braveyoung, Tidal Arms, Don't Give A Fuck at Acheron
8/5 - Castevet, The Communion, Artificial Brain at Saint Vitus
8/5 - Weird Owl, Heliotropes, Blanko Noiry at Union Pool
8/5 - Mick Barr, Vaz, Lichens, The Dreebs at Death By Audio
8/5 - Oak, Convulsions, Grudges at Stolen Sleeves
8/6 - Disma, Coffinworm, Loss, Oak @ Acheron
8/6 - La Armada, Braveyoung, Inswarm, The Year is One at ABC No Rio
8/8 - Proclamation, Black Witchery, Abazagorath, Decieverion, Villains @ Europa
8/8 - Great Falls, A Passage Between, Fashion Week at Lit Lounge
8/9 - Black September, Mutilation Rites, Scowl @ Saint Vitus
8/9 - ACxDC, Napoleon Complex, Brain Slug, Skelptarsis @ Party Xpo
8/11 - The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Darkest Hour, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, others @ Irving
8/11 - Down Low, The Last Stand, Fed Up, Sexual Suicide, Zombie Fight, Fierce Hatred @ Trash Bar
8/11 - Xaddax, Great Falls, Radiation Blackbody, Passage Between at Acheron
8/12 - Lebenden Toten, Social Circkle, Nomad, Rosenkopf, Sectss at Acheron
8/12 - Sea of Shit, Vaccine, Ilsa, Callous @ Stolen Sleeves
8/13 - Ringworm, Killing Time, Victims, Gang Signs @ Saint Vitus
8/13 - Slow Southern Steel screening with The Gats of Slumber, Cough, Earthling @ Knitting Factory
8/15 - From Ashes Rise, Fuck The Facts, Night Birds, Full of Hell @ Public Assembly
8/13 - Controlled Bleeding, Crooked Man, Inswarm, Opiumden at Acheron
8/15 - Demilitia, Northless, Mortals, Prostitution at Lit Lounge
8/16 - Organized Sports, Brain Slug, Dipers @ Acheron
8/17 - Chelsea Wolfe, Cult of Youth, Planning for Burial at Saint Vitus
8/19 - Toxic Holocaust, Holy Grail, Krum Bums, Salo at Europa
8/19 - Sete Star Sept, Penis Geyser, The Communion, Radiation Blackbody @ The Charleston

AUG 6 Strange Matter RICHMOND, VA, VA
AUG 8 lit lounge new york, new york
AUG 9 Badlands Syracuse, NY
AUG 10 The Cuckoo's Nest? New Brunswick, NJ
AUG 11 The Acheron Brooklyn, NY
AUG 12 O BRIEN'S PUB allston, mass

August 14,Sunday at The Funeral Home | Buffalo, NY
August 15,Monday at Parts and Labour | Toronto Canada
August 16,Tuseday at BADLANDS | SYRACUSE NY - Web
August 17,Wednesday at Barclay House | Baltimore MD
August 18,Thursday at Wasted Dream | Washington DC
August 19,Friday at The Charleston | New York, NY
August 20,Saturday at The Farm House | Philadelphia PA

8/10 - Dayton, OH @ 214 Shroyer Rd w/ Bloody Phoenix, Good Times, Defend Means Attack
8/11 - OFF
8/12 - Brooklyn, NY @ Stolen Sleeves (538 Johnson) w/ VACCINE, Ilsa, Callous
8/13 - Philadelphia, PA @ DBAJ House (1264 S Ringold) w/ Force of Habit, Street Pizza, Congenital Death
8/14 - Ft. Wayne, IN @ Harrison House (1624 N. Harrison) w/ Daisycutter, Vile Intent, Shitlist, Jock Gestapo
8/15 - Chicago, IL @ Waterworks (615 S. Clark) w/ Vile Intent, Socially Retarded (last show), Men as Witches