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Castevet at Acheron with KEN Mode (more)

Reminder! Tonight/Friday is TWO BrooklynVegan metal events with Lake of Blood, Castevet, Falls of Rauros, and Seidr making the sidewalks in front of The Acheron that much more frosty, and Trap Them, Black Anvil, and All Pigs Must Die in their first of two attempts to level our fair city this weekend. The Acheron jumps off with an 8PM door time, while Union Pool will open an hour later. Then Saturday (1/15) Trap Them, Black Anvil, and All Pigs Must Die will team up with the punishing Psychic Limb at Cake Shop. Tickets for Trap Them are still available at the door for both shows, but beware, Cake Shop is dangerously close to selling out.

More heavy shows coming up this weekend and beyond are below, along with some video.

Trap Them - Mission Convincers in 2009 at Knitting Factory

Lake Of Blood Live At Relax Bar (Eternal In My Domain)

1/14 - Lake of Blood, Seidr, Castevet, Falls of Rauros @ Acheron
1/14 - Trap Them, Black Anvil, All Pigs Must Die @ Union Pool
1/14 - Liturgy, Controlled Bleeding, Cellular Chaos, PAK, Diablo @ Silent Barn
1/15 - Trap Them, Black Anvil, All Pigs Must Die, Psychic Limb @ Cake Shop
1/21 - Universal Order of Armageddon @ Cake Shop
1/21 - Descender, Margin Walker, Pile, Suspects, Your Skull My Closet @ The Charleston
1/22 - Universal Order of Armageddon, The Body, Orphan @ Death By Audio
1/23 - The Love Below, Pharoah @ Acheron
1/23 - Cannabis Corpse, Mutant Supremacy, Pyrrhon @ Union Pool
1/26 - Kylesa, Rosetta, Fight Amp, East Of The Wall @ Santos
1/26 - Vaz, Xaddax, Radiation Blackbody @ Bruar Falls
1/27 - Liturgy, Naam, Your Youth @ Union Pool
1/27 - Mutilation Rites, Sarcous, Nightlore, Shiro-Ishii @ The Acheron
1/28 - Phantom Glue, Castevet, Defeatist @ Acheron
1/30 - Volture, Cauldron, Natur @ Union Pool

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