Witch Mountain
Witch Mountain

Witch Mountain, who play Scion Rock Fest this weekend, are on the road with Lord Dying later this week and will swing by Saint Vitus on June 8th. Tickets are still available. WM, who released their South of Salem LP via Profound Lore, quickly sold out of the first pressing of their disc and the second pressing is now available via their own Monastic imprint.

'The show will also double as a Bezoar record release party for Wyt Death, the band's new LP which is streaming below, along with tracks from Lord Dying and Witch Mountainbelow. Did I mention that Rhode Island's Pilgrim is also on board?

Wolvhammer has dropped off of all dates with Dragged into Sunlight, including Saint Vitus on June 14th. The band has been replaced by North Carolinians Make, who toil in psychedelic doom. Check out a stream of their LP Trephine below, and get your tickets while their still available.

This month's Show No Mercy has dropped at Pitchfork, featuring interviews with Atriarch and Nachtmystium and a new track from the latter.

Also, check out Ulver's cover of We The People's "In the Past" which will be on their upcoming covers LP Childhood's End. Listen to it here.

All suggested shows, listed Lord Dying tour dates, streams and live video from MDF is below. What did I miss?


Eyehategod live at Maryland Deathfest X


6/1 - Kiss It Goodbye, Tiger Flowers, Fashion Week @ Acheron
Murphy's Law, Runny, The Last Stand, Agitator, Tribal Force, No Dice @ Saint Vitus
6/2 - Goes Cube, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo @ The Studio
6/2 - Horna, Kommandant, Abazagorath, Woe @ Saint Vitus
6/2 - Las Ardillas, Liquor Store, Hollywood, Foster Care @ Acheron
6/3 - Marduk, 1349, Withered, Weapon @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
6/4 - I Am Heresy, Family, Forcefeed @ Lit Lounge
6/4 - Merzbow, Wold @ Saint Vitus (8PM)
6/4 - Merzbow, Wold @ Saint Vitus (10:30PM)
Muck, Kria Brekkan, Castevet, Vital Pains @ Secret Project Robot
6/6 - Horna, Kommandant, Mutilation Rites, Mortum @ Saint Vitus
6/7 - Aun, Thisquietarmy, Planning For Burial, Oneirogen @ Acheron
6/8 - The Cult, Against Me!, The Icarus Line @ Terminal 5
6/8 - Witch Mountain, Pilgrim, Lord Dying, Bezoar @ Saint Vitus
6/9 - Phobia, Black Anvil, Strong Intention, Ramming Speed @ Saint Vitus
6/9 - GWAR @ Irving Plaza
6/9 - Vilipend, Hivesmasher, Ramlord, Dead, Beat @ ABC No Rio
6/9 - Leather, Shoxx, Dipers, Raw Meat @ Acheron
6/10 - Antisect, Morne, Perdition, Death First @ Europa
6/11 - Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, Revocation, Gunfire-n-Sodomy @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
6/12 - Whitehorse, Batillus, Unearthly Trance, Skullshitter @ Acheron
6/13 - Agitate, Minimum Wage Assassins, Damaged Goods @ Acheron
6/13 - Primitive Weapons, Whores, Family, Tiger Flowers @ Saint Vitus
6/13 - Royal Headache @ Cake Shop
6/14 - Sectarian Violence, The Love Below, Poison Planet, Pharaoh @ The Acheron
6/14 - Ceremony, Citizens Arrest, Royal Headache, Magrudergrind @ Warsaw
6/14 - Mogwai @ Webster Hall
6/14 - Dragged Into Sunlight, The Year Is One @ Saint Vitus
6/14 - Wild Child, Dipers, Goosebumps, Nuclear Spring, Sad Boys @ 538 Johnson
6/15 - Harkonen, The Atlas Moth, Whores @ Union Pool
6/15 - Natur, Occvlta, Syphilitic Lust, Hessian @ Acheron
6/15 - Mogwai @ Webster Hall

Fri June 1 @ Static Age Records - Asheville, NC w/ Lord Dying
Sat June 2 @ The Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN w/ Lord Dying, Thee Open Sex
Sun June 3 @ The Earl - Atlanta, GA w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Order of the Owl
Tue June 5 @ The Haunted Mill - Belmont, NC w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Monarchist, Pig Mountain
Wed June 6 @ King's Barcade - Raleigh, NC w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Atrophix
Thu June 7 @ Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying
Fri June 8 @ Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Bezoar
Sat June 9 @ Machines With Magnets - Providence, RI w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying
Sun June 10 @ Great Scott - Boston, MA w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Elder
Mon June 11 @ Dirigimus HQ - Portland, ME w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, The Coalsack - Crux
Wed June 13 @ Broadway Joe's - Buffalo, NY w/ Lord Dying
Thu June 14 @ Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying
Fri June 15 @ Mac's Bar - Lansing, MI w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Satyrasis, Borrowed Time
Sat June 16 @ Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL w/ Indian, Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Bible of the Devil
Sun June 17 @ High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Wife
Mon June 18 @ Off Minor - Dubuque, IA w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying
Tue June 19 @ Bourbon Theatre - Lincoln, NE w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying
Wed June 20 @ Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying
Thu June 21 @ Burt's Tiki Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT w/ Crucial Fest: SubRosa, Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Reality
Fri June 22 @ The Shredder - Boise, ID w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Cerberus Rex
Sat June 23 @ Backspace - Portland, OR w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying, Spellcaster