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Pallbearer at Rites of Darkness (more by BBG)

Pallbearer and Ringworm are doing all kinds of killing down here in Texas, and I was out super late last night and do it again for 14 hours straight at Scoot Inn today, so I'll keep it short and sweet this time. My suggested shows for the week are below, but first....

One of Texas's most furious young hardcore/crossover bands, Power Trip, are preparing to release their self-titled EP. Download the release for free via Mediafire and get your copy via Lockin' Out Records.

Check out a great interview with Dale Crover of Melvins over at Metalsucks. The band has a new EP and a new video.

Check out the new Raw Meat, featuring members of Rival Mob and Nomos, for free via Mediafire. Order your copy on cassette.

The weekly list of suggested NYC shows is below... what did I miss?

3/16 - The Pilgrim, Slow Bull, La Otracina, Radical Discharge @ Saint Vitus
3/16 - Thanatotic Desire, Desolate, Godamhate, Midnite Hellion, more TBA @ Trash Bar
3/16 - Urban Waste, Bloodbeat, (A)Truth, The Assassins, Bomb Scare, more TBA @ Bar Matchless
3/16 - Cleansing Wave, Nomad @ Home Sweet Home
3/16 - Destruction, Vital Remains, Warbringer @ B.B. King's
3/17 - Attention Deficit Domination, 3 Bar Ranch @ Gramercy Theater
3/17 - Truckfighters, Karma To Burn, La Otracina @ Public Assembly
3/17 - Goosebumps, Hounds of Hate, Brain Slug, Altered Boys, Raw Meat @ Acheron
3/17 - Ark of The Convenant, Thoughts In Reverse, Existence, Plan to Prosper, Utopic, Sasha Gray @ Europa
3/17 - Cleansing Wave, Nomad @ Home Sweet Home
3/17 - Fin'amor, So Hideous My Love, Satevis, Alkahest, Druglord @ Saint Vitus
3/17 - Bomb the Music Industry, Classics of Love, Mike Park @ Death By Audio
3/17 - Murphy's Law, Wisdom In Chains, PanzerBastard, Nervous Breakdown, The Brooklyn What, Combat 49 @ Trash Bar
3/17 - WWIX, Redeyed Devil, Yo!$cunt, The Straphangers, Bomb Scare @ Hill Tap Tavern
3/17 - Yo!$cunt, WWIX, Straphangers, Redeyed, +1 @ The Hill Tap Tavern
3/17 - The Adicts, The World/Inferno Friendship Society @ Best Buy Theater
3/18 - Vaura, Mario Diaz De Leon, Requiem @ Death By Audio
3/18 - Goosebumps, Cancer, Dipers, Shoxx @ 538 Johnson
3/18 - Salo, Recreant, Scowl, Brickeater @ Saint Vitus
3/19 - Vatnett Viskar, Hetfield & Hetfield, B.C. @ Lit Longue
3/21 - Negative Degree, Sucked Dry, Nuclear Spring, Dipers @ 538 Johnson
3/21 - DevilDriver, The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Job For A Cowboy, 3 Inches of Blood, Impending Doom @ Gramercy Theater
3/22 - Kevin Seconds, Kepi Ghoulie, Franz Nocaly, Vic Ruggiero @ Pianos
3/22 - Dysrhythmia, Torrential Downpour, Cleric, Pyrrhon @ Saint Vitus
3/22 - Meek Is Murder, Tiger Flowers, Johnny Booth @ Charleston
3/23 - Batillus, Hull, Mutilation Rites, Trenchgrinder @ Acheron
3/23 - A Storm of Light, Mustard Gas and Roses, Magic Circle @ Saint Vitus
3/23 - High Teen Boogie @ Otto's Shrunken Head
3/24 - Primitive Weapons, Old Lines, Bad Biology, Sannhet, more TBA @ Saint Vitus
3/24 - Tied For Last, Tonight We Strike, The Nones, Mailbox Baseball, Schmuck @ Bar Matchless
3/24 - The Giraffes, The Upper Crust, PCP @ Mercury Lounge
3/24 - Refuse Resist, Razors in the Night, Cult War, Two Fisted Law, Dead Tricks, The Radicals @ Trash Bar
3/25 - King Giant, Backwoods Payback, Order of the Owl @ Saint Vitus
3/26 - Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, The Year Is One, Sea Of Bones @ Lit Lounge
3/26 - Frankenstein Brothers (featuring Buckethead) @ B.B. King's
3/27 - Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Sea Of Bones @ HillTap Tavern
3/28 - Thulsa Doom, (A)Truth, Warfear, DJ Sabotaj, more TBA @ The Lake Underground
3/28 - Cloud Rat, Curmudgeon, Praetura, Grudges @ Saint Vitus
3/29 - feedtime, Vaz, Sightings, Maggoted @ Death By Audio
3/29 - Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Sea of Bones, Amputee, The Commnunion, Scowl @ Saint Vitus
3/30 - Morne, Swan King, Git Some, Gang Signs @ Saint Vitus
3/30 - The Cryptics, Sexual Suicide, Zombie Culture, The Afterbirth, Gatherer, Blk Galaga @ Don Pedro Bar Lounge
3/30 - The Von Frankensteins, Eyes Like Cianide, Edge of Existence, Deathalizer, Ruppthritis @ Trash Bar

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