We put Carolinas-based, alt-rock-infused hardcore band Excide on our list of 10 hardcore bands to watch in 2022, and then they put out two new songs, "Uncoil" and "The Portrait, Now Perceived," and now they've finally announced their debut full-length, Deliberate Revolver, due September 23 via New Morality Zine (pre-order). It features both recent singles, along with the just-released "Flip." Since putting out their debut EP in 2020, Excide have gained comparisons to Turnstile, Quicksand, Snapcase, and other bands with a knack for chunky riffs and good hooks, and "Flip" continues down that path in increasingly original ways. Excide aren't afraid to nod at their influences, but they bring something new to the table too. Check out the new song below.

1. 12 Steps
2. Necessary Means...
3. Human Error: Overload
4. The Portrait, Now Perceived
5. Marion
6. Perdition Now
7. Burn This
8. Flip
9. Common Ground
10. Uncoil
11. Timeglue

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