Eye of Nix are following 2017's very good Black Somnia with a new album, Ligeia, on June 19 via Prophecy Productions (pre-order). We're premiering lead single "Concealing Waters," along with its aquatic-themed video, and here's what the band tells us about this one:

Swirling winds, blasts and drenched melodies ignite into a firestorm as choruses of voices call out blindly for relief. In the end, submerged and extinguished, mortality is inevitable. Take this journey, taste the river Lethe’s oblivion, douse the anxious visions of cataclysm, pondering the future and feeling that no matter the outcome, it won’t end well. "Concealing Waters" is offered to you as solace, escape and renewal.

That description should put you in the right mindset for this ominous, hypnotic song, which pulls from gothy, Dead Can Dance-type stuff as much as it pulls from black metal, and Eye of Nix fuse these sounds perfectly. The video tells a story as compelling as the song itself -- watch/listen below.

1. Concealing Waters
2. Pursued
3. Tempest
4. Stranded
5. Keres
6. Ligeia
7. Adrift
8. Stone & Fury

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