"It is with great pain and sadness that I tell you my son Mikey (Eyedea) has passed away. At this time we kindly request your respect and our privacy as we process this devastating loss.On behalf of Mikey's family, close friends and fans. Thank you Kathy Averill (Mikey'...s mom)"

That sad news comes via Eyedea's Facebook page where people are currently leaving memorial messages for the Minneapolis rapper that was just 28 years old. RIP

A selection of videos below...


Eyedea & Abilities - Junk

Eyedea & Abilities - Burn Fetish (Live)

Eyedea @ Blaze Battle

Eyedea & Abilities - Now

First Born (2001) (By Eyedea & Abilities)
The Many Faces of Oliver Hart (2002)
E&A (2004) (By Eyedea & Abilities)
This Is Where We Were (2006) (By Face Candy)
The Some of All Things or: The Healing Power of Scab Picking (2007) (By Carbon Carousel)
By The Throat (2009) (By Eyedea & Abilities)
Waste-age Teenland (TBA) (By Face Candy)

"Pushing Buttons 12" (2000) (By Eyedea & Abilities)
"Blindly Firing 12" (2001) (By Eyedea & Abilities)
"Now" (2003) (By Eyedea & Abilities)
"Carbon Carousel Single Series #1" (2007) (By Carbon Carousel)
"Nervous." (2007) (By Carbon Carousel)

E&A Road Mix (2003)
"The Whereabouts of Hidden Bridges" By (Eyedea and Oddjobs)
"When in Rome, Kill the King" (By Micheal Larsen)

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