NOLA sludge legends Eyehategod had been saying they're working on a followup to their 2014 self-titled album since at least 2018, and now they've finally announced one. It's called A History of Nomadic Behavior and it's due in spring 2021 via Century Media, who Eyehategod were signed to in the '90s. Via press release:

A joint statement from the band on the band and label reunion: "EyeHateGod are pleased to announce we’ve signed a licensing deal with Century Media Records USA and Europe...! We welcome the new changes along with the new year coming, and want this union to benefit everyone involved, especially our rabid and disturbed fans across the globe!"

"We're happy to announce solidifying our worldwide relationship with EyeHateGod,” added Director of Century Media Records, Phillipp Schulte. “While Century Media has worked with the guys in the past, we're excited to begin a new chapter with a record that easily ranks amongst this hard-working, heavy-touring band's best. We are very much looking forward to releasing EyeHateGod's A Historic of Nomadic Behavior.”

"EyeHateGod are survivors on every level,” says Century Media Records Vice President of A&R, Mike Gitter. “Since 1988 they've been part of the framework of extreme music and A History of Nomadic Behavior will be no exception. Theirs is a tough and turbulent road that would have stopped most bands dead in their tracks. Not these NOLA legends. Century Media has been part of their career from the early days and we're excited to be working together again. EyeHateGod is here to stay."

The album artwork and a teaser for lead single "High Risk Trigger" (which appears to be due on 12/4) is out now (see below). Stay tuned for tracklist, new music, and exact release date.

In 2019, EHG released the new song "Three Black Eyes" on the Adult Swim compilation Metal Swim 2.

Earlier this year, frontman Mike IX Williams contributed vocals to the late Steve "Thee Slayer Hippy" Hanford's anti-Trump supergroup Dead End America and to Ho99o9's Blurr mixtape. Mike IX also made us a playlist of the music he was listening to in quarantine. Eyehategod's Jimmy Bower has also been busy with the Down reunion.

Watch Eyehategod play "Three Black Eyes" live in 2019:


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