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Sludge greats Eyehategod's anticipated new album, A History of Nomadic Behavior, is out in March and is the sludge metal vets' first album in nearly seven years. Ahead of its release, Revolver talked to frontman Mike IX Williams about the formative music in his life, with Mike offering up eight albums that still influence him today.

Those include the Germs' GI, which Mike says "is nothing short of a major influence on my life and has been in my top favorites since the day it came out." On the classic punk front, he also lists Bad Brains' 1982 self-titled debut ("I carried this tape everywhere in the back pocket of my dirty wrecked corduroys and played it for anyone that would listen") and Black Flag's Six Pack ("Black Flag changed my life forever and gave me something concrete to relate to as a frustrated awkward teenage runaway listening to angry outcast music").

He also picked the 1983 debut from L.A. punk/metal band Stains ("piece of pissed-off punk-metal genius that was far ahead of its time and another record from my formative years that's stayed glued to every turntable I've ever stole") and the 1986 debut from Boston's punk/metal/noise dirge-dealers Kilslug, saying that Answer the Call is "ingrained in the blackest corners of my psyche and was one of the many influences on me wanting to start a band in the style of Eyehategod."

For the last three slots, he picked a trio of records by Australian industrial band SPK -- 1981's Information Overload, 1982's Leichenschrei, and 1983's Auto-Da-Fé -- saying that "the cells of the inner cerebrum have conformed with the sounds of this "korrupt" organization at an early age."

Read more on Mike IX Williams' "8 Albums That Made Me" over at Revolver and check out a few songs from A History of Nomadic Behavior below.

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Speaking of Bad Brains, the band recently launched an extensive reissue campaign and we're partnering with them on exclusive variants for those too. Stay tuned for more.

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