Eyewash is a new shoegazy, grungy Pittsburgh band with members of Shin Guard/Hazing Over, including Alex Walsh and Jake Yencik, and Owen Traynor recorded and mixed their upcoming self-titled debut EP. "We wanted to express our love/appreciation for pop music which we didn't get to do a lot with some of us starting out playing with emo and hardcore bands," the band tells us. "We all were really into indie rock when we were younger and we wanted to jump into that sound while still bringing something new to the table and showcasing our creativity and different ideas as individuals."

We're premiering the EP's first single "Kaleidoscope," an anthemic, atmospheric rock song that recalls anything from Garbage to Pity Sex to Fleshwater. The band says, "We want to explore a range of sounds and feelings, but 'Kaleidoscope' is meant to be more of a dark pop song with post-punk influence. It’s an expression of wanting to fight the miserable feeling of life passing you by without turning to short-term solutions to the larger problem." Check it out below.

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