Factory Floor's Gabe Gurnsey will release his solo debut, Physical, via Erol Alkan's Phantasy label on August 3. It's a marked departure from Factory Floor's sound which is rooted in techno and acid house. “What I wanted to get into with Physical had more to do with exploring songwriting and structure," says Gabe. "The album is very escapist in one sense even though I don’t want to escape from Factory Floor but what I do on my own has to be separate and it has to explore new avenues." Physical is also a concept record about a night out clubbing. "It’s a record about clubbing even more than it’s a record to be played in clubs. Getting ready to go out, driving into town, arriving at the club, being on the dancefloor, how you get home afterwards early the next morning… even when you step outside to get some air, when you’re outside at 3am having a cigarette… even that is represented here." You can listen to album opener "Ultra Clear Sound" below.

Gabe will be opening a few dates of the Nine Inch Nails / Jesus and Mary Chain tour, including shows in Detroit and Chicago. He also is part of "Phantasy: Erol Alkan & Friends" tonight (5/18) at The Arch in Brighton, UK with Erol Alkan, and Cowboy Rhythmbox (Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Richard X) which is for the Great Escape Festival. All dates are listed below.


Gabe Gurnsey - Physical tracklist:
1. Ultra Clear Sound
2. You Can
3. Temazzy
4. Harder Rhythm
5. Sweet Heat
6. New Kind
7. Heavy Rubber
8. In States
9. I Get
10. Version
11. Eyes Over
12. AM Crystal
13. Night Track
14. The Last Channel

Gabe Gurnsey - 2018 Tour Dates
05/18 - Brighton, UK @ The Arch
10/22 – Detroit, MI @ Fox Theater (opening for Nine Inch Nails, Jesus & Mary Chain)
10/23 – Detroit, MI @ Fox Theater (opening for Nine Inch Nails, Jesus & Mary Chain)
10/25 – Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom (opening for Nine Inch Nails, Jesus & Mary Chain)

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