West Virginia post-hardcore/chaotic metalcore band fallfiftyfeet had a big year in 2021, releasing debut LP Twisted World Perspective, and they continued their momentum this year with the August release of high-octane EP Lonely If You Go. As the year ends, the band's three members deach shared with us list of their favorite releases of 2022, with commentary on each pick. There's some overlap between the lists, but plenty of differences too, and picks include Denzel Curry, Sweet Pill, Pool Kids, Earl Sweatshirt, Fleshwater, Ithaca, Foreign Hands, Gatherers, Militarie Gun, WILLOW, Volcano, Chat Pile, DOMi & JD Beck, and more. Read on for their list...

fallfiftyfeet's Favorite Releases of 2022

Dave Wallace (vocals):

Denzel Curry - Melt My Eyez See Your Future

I firmly believe that Denzel is the best hip-hop artist out right now. He never misses and this album is no exception. He's going to do great things.

Moodring - Stargazer

This album is a whole ass vibe. Super catchy, super chill. What some people will call Deftones worship, but done very well.

Ithaca - They Fear Us

A band I really want to play shows with. Just super sick UK metalcore with dope breakdowns and incredible vocals. What's not to love?

Sweet Pill - Where the Heart Is

This is the one you'll see on every member's list. Incredible emo with relatable lyrics, tappy guitars and catchy vocal parts. I'm not even into music like this all that much, but this album sticks out for whatever reason. Put this on in the van and we're all singing along and vibing out.

William Crooks - Running As Fast As I Can

S tier indie hip-hop that my buddy Ethan put me onto. This album has so many elements from hip-hop to overblown hyperpop, and it is just plain fun to listen to. It all comes together very well.

Foreign Hands - Bleed the Dream

The perfect blend of new school metalcore and that classic Poison the Well / Misery Signals sound. Also, I love breakdowns.

Gatherers - ( mutilator. )

I don't even know what to say about this one. The vocals and lyrics are what stand out the most to me here. I was blown away when I put this record on. Just go listen to it.

Guerrilla Warfare - C O N T R O L

Good dudes making good tunes. This is what I call "nu metalcore" done perfectly. A great follow-up to 2019's C O N S U M E.

Harry Styles - Harry's House

The best pop artist doing it right now. If you can really listen to songs like "Satellite" and "As It Was" and tell me they're not incredible, then I don't know, fight me about it.

Kaonashi - "I Hate the Sound of Car Keys"


James Becca (guitar / vocals):

IDK - Simple.

Very goated EP that has a few different flavors of songs, but overall is just solid, catchy and vibey.

Denzel Curry - Melt My Eyez See Your Future

A very different album from someone who is constantly evolving. First like, 3 tracks on this are absolutely killer.

Earl Sweatshirt - SICK!

This was one that I listened to once earlier this year and just thought it was okay, but honestly I kept coming back to "Titanic" and "2010" and those 2 are so good that it made me revisit the record and now I love it.

Sweet Pill - Where the Heart Is

Catchiest math rock adjacent band I've heard in a minute. Vocals drive this band into another level that I see very few other bands in their genre on.

Fleshwater - We're Not Here to Be Loved

Took a second to hit me, but I'm in it. Probably one of my favorite bands doing this sound currently.

Pool Kids - Pool Kids

An album that has such great songwriting it blows my goddamn mind off. This is the kind of record that makes me strive to always be a better songwriter.

William Crooks - Running As Fast As I Can

Production is super unique and I think this is maybe a little ahead of its time.

Wet Leg - Wet Leg

Catchy catchy catchy songs.

Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers

The GOAT, obviously. Need I say more?

Militarie Gun - All Roads Lead to the Gun (Deluxe)

Sick songs, really cool vocals, great vibe.

flipturn - Shadowglow

This band grooves my head off, the melodies are next level and they bring so many different kinds of songs to this record.


Willow doesn't miss. " it's my fault" sounds like it's one step away from being another hardcore band shoegaze project song. Absolutely goated.

Chaboy Anthony (guitar):

Pool Kids - Pool Kids

Well structured record. Once it starts I'm hooked until the end. Very emotionally driven, I've definitely cried to some of these songs.

Sweet Pill - Where the Heart Is

Such an energetic record! It starts off fun and welcoming and that sentiment doesn't ever go away. By the time I'm at the end of "Cut" I'm wishing there was more!

Fleshwater - We're Not Here to Be Loved

Hardcore people making shoegaze songs done right. Been hyped on this band since their inception and this record didn't let me down.

Volcano - Fool 2 tha Game

What it sounds like to get jumped walking down the wrong block. Hard.

Chat Pile - God's Country

Kinda what I figured the end of the world sounds like; a drunk dude rambling over uneasy off kilter instrumentals. Absolutely love how raw this sounds and the irregular vocal cadences.

Greyhaven - This Bright and Beautiful World

Very well written metalcore record. Will Putney at the helm means no one is disappointed, and the boys wrote some of the catchiest tracks with this one. Zero skips.

Chamber - Carved in Stone

I know these 3 songs are to keep the listener wanting more, and that's exactly what these tracks do. Not a moment wasted filled with sick rhythms and grooves. Randy Leboeuf killed the production too.

Foreign Hands - Bleed the Dream

Perfect metalcore EP.

DOMi & JD Beck - Not Tight

Jazz is tight. I love how this can be both foreground and background music. Top tier musicianship here.

The Zenith Passage - "Algorithmic Salvation" & "Synaptic Depravation"

The future of death metal. It's just 2 songs, but they've been a daily listen since they dropped. Cannot get enough of the RIFFS.

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