We've been anticipating a new album from Maine folk-black metallers Falls of Rauros since they revealed last year that they'd be entering the studio with co-producer Colin Marston, and now the album is finally announced. It's called Key To A Vanishing Future and it comes out March 25 via Gilead Media (pre-order). About the sound of this album, the band says, "We wanted to write something new to us; it sounds nothing like our previous record, Patterns in Mythology, or like anything from our back catalog, for that matter. It’s a new chapter for the band, and you can be pretty sure we’ll move on to something a bit different on our next record." And about the lyrical themes, they add:

The idea behind Key to a Vanishing Future is that humans are born into this world without consent and forced to take on both the weight of human history and a responsibility for shaping the future. Both the failures and successes of previous generations are passed to the next, and the younger generation has no choice but to inherit the world they are given. Tradition, religion and religious superstition, debt, disease, addiction, the histrionics of desperate people living in a crumbling empire; all of these things wedge their way into our lives whether we invite them to or not.

The first taste is the shapeshifting seven-and-a-half minute opening track "Clarity," and it does indeed cover a lot of new ground for the band. Listen below.

1. Clarity
2. Desert of Heart
3. Survival Poem
4. Known World Narrows
5. Daggers in Floodlight
6. Poverty Hymn

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