UPDATE: False had initially kept the accused member’s name out of their statement to respect a survivor’s request, but have now issued a new statement revealing it is Jimmy Claypool. Panopticon and Vile Creature have now cut ties with Claypool as well.

Minneapolis black metal band False are breaking up following allegations of sexual assault made against a member, although they didn’t specify whom. They shared the news in a post on Facebook, writing:

We were recently made aware of accusations of sexual assault against a member of False. The rest of the group believes the survivor and stands with all survivors of rape, assault, or abuse. No other part of False or Gilead Media was aware of this single member’s reprehensible, inexcusable behavior.

Effective immediately False will cease to exist. The band is over, and we have permanently severed creative ties with the accused member. To be part of a creative community is a privilege. No person that has perpetrated any type abuse or assault can be given a position of power or influence to prey upon others.

False, Minneapolis

False released Portent via Gilead Media in 2019.

Update: read False’s new statement on the allegations against Jimmy Claypool here.