In November 2007, Lisa Gerrard travelled to the Lüneburg Heath, where Klaus Schulze has resided for more than 30 years. It is also home to his private recording studio. For this joint effort six days were scheduled, but "on the first day, we just went out for dinner and didn't play any music at all", recalls Schulze. "I had already prepared the compositions and on the second day we actually recorded about five hours of music straight without a break. This session became Farscape I - I have never experienced such an exciting thing in my entire career as an artist. The next day was just as intense and this session became Farscape II, another majestic, gripping experience with an exceptional artist", Schulze enthuses.

Listen to Farscape @ MySpace.

Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerard - 2008 Tour Dates
Nov 12th - D-Berlin, Schiller Theater
Nov 13th - PL-Warsaw - Salezian's Basilica

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